Monday, March 19, 2012

The Last Two Weeks

I've been so busy the past two weeks, I haven't had time to write much, or update the blog. Here's all that I wrote.

Will almost broke up a double-play in a recent afternoon game…creating an incident by sliding hard into second baseman making the turn…causing the second-sacker to turn a flip. Then the shortstop pushed Will. Will pushed past, saying "that's baseball!" They won, but Will is experiencing what it's like to be cast aside a bit, after being the unquestioned best player the past two years. Everyone can't stop raving about the big, new shortstop, even though he's done little in the three games he's played. Yesterday Perry went 0-3, hit into the double play, and awkwardly converted his only chance at shortstop.

After not having much go his way lately, Will received a pick-me-up last night when he learned he's been chosen for his first choice in UAB's Honor's Program…the one Kara is in. He's down on Clemson after his cousin got accepted, and Will was only conditionally accepted at a lesser level. Even though Will had excellent grades in a much more challenging curriculum, and a more well-rounded resume, being out of state and "home-schooled" obviously held him back. He's still waiting to hear from UGA.

Headed down to Macon for Will's four games. I worked from 7 to 11, then got Will and drove down. Friday night after the games we went to Logans…Charlie had the meatloaf, Will had the tilapia, and I had a burger with a very bland bun. Saturday afternoon we stopped in McDonough at Moes. Later I cleaned the garage. After supper I saw so tired I read and went to bed early. Sunday I cleaned, did laundry, watched the ACC Final, a "Making the Monkees" rockumentary, and a forgettable movie "Please Give"

Will pitched three shutout innings last Tuesday...struck out four and walked none, and faced one of the minimum. Got a single, walked, and a Sac Fly RBI. Temperature was 73 degrees.

Love the questions people ask DOB and Mark Bowman, and the writers have to give the same answers over and over. It does sound like Simmons is going to be good. I'm trying to wean my fellow Braves fan here from worrying about every spring training result. I remind him the starters are pulled after a few innings, and that Kimbrell and Venters aren't closing every game.

In the NBA its hard to get a good return, trading an all star caliber player. Guess we're not on Dwight Howard's list, huh? Saw the USA Today article on Delle Donne and Delaware. I remember reading when she transferred from UConn.

Ceil's friend and daughter flew in from Virginia. I was supposed to chauffer everyone around, to Lenox and Little 5 Points, where we had lunch.

Haven't received confirmation on my Georgia tax return, but I went into Tax Act to print off the returns. When I was there I checked, and it said the state return had been submitted. I did Will's returns…he didn't pay any federal tax, but gets back $14.00 of state tax.

We continue to make progress on our kitchen and bathrooms. With the tax returns, we'll be able to finish the master bath. I need to go ahead and get a new garage door opener as well.

Working on a killer project here at work. Ogre being unreasonable. Working with new employee. Customer's busiest time. Left early Friday and Tuesday, but still working overtime. After a lunch meeting I doctored an official memo, to wish departing co-worker Thomas farewell. Received many laughs from the office.

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