Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Friday night we were home when the storms hit. When the sirens went off I was upstairs reading, barefoot. We watched Glenn Burns track the storm through Marietta as it crossed 75, then move east just north of Highway 120 right toward us. C, A, & M huddled in the pantry under the stairs as I looked out the front window. The wind blew some, and it rained and hailed a little, but someone we missed the bad stuff. M and A pretty much took the storm in stride. I was more worried…just not worried enough to put on shoes. Saturday 120 was closed around the East Cobb Park , where trees were down. The Merchants Walk Home Depot shopping center was damaged as well.

That storm was hitting us around 9:30. Seems like Claire lives due north of us, maybe a little east. Glenn Burns said to put on shoes, and a soccer helmet. A lady we had just laid off north of Chattanooga was under her steps to her basement alone (her husband was at work). She held onto the doorknob as long as she could, but it finally blew away…her house was wrecked, but she was ok. Her photo was on the weather channel web site.

Nice that the Braves are back playing games. I didn’t listen, but it was good to get Mark Bowman’s tweets. I’m sure the bloggers will jump on the slow start, though its months too early to be concerned.

RedBoxed “The Debt” and “In Time”…both pretty decent movies. Also watched some of The Monkees marathon.

In addition to the June week in Destin, we’re also stated for our normal Myrtle Beach week in July. I kinda need to go to Lakeland with Will in May, for the Home School World Series. I got the go ahead for us to stay in a rented house with two coaches and several players. Last year they went to a minor league Tigers game. Tampa Bay is home every night that week, against the Mariners and A’s…except Sunday, which would’ve been the best day to go. I may need to do some month-end work on April 30, but hopefully that won’t be a problem. All that sucks up three of my four weeks.

Posted an old Sacramento Kings basketball jersey on EBay, and its drawing a bunch of interest. Next weekend should be interesting.

Seems like GT & UGA either play the late game (good for me) or the early afternoon game (bad).

Another killer day at work. Leaving early for Will’s game.

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