Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Week

Ceil and the kids when down to the candlelight service at Passion. Good weather to be outdoors. I ran after work, and needed to stop by the library. Stopped at Kroger for a frozen pizza, then when I got home I realized our new oven wasn't working…a part burned out. We're going to have to cut into the overhead cabinet and raise the microwave, because it hangs down so low over the stove.

Watched the George Clooney movie "The Ides of March" and the new Hank Haney show, with Sugar Ray Leonard, Angie Everhart, and chef Mario Batalli. C didn't get home until almost eleven.

The workers ripped out the tile in the kids bathroom. Hopefully they'll finish today. We should've repaired the huge hole in the master shower first…right now we're without a shower. Had to take a bath this morning.

At work our office restrooms have been out of order for three weeks. We have to walk out to the plant, or outside to a trailer with restrooms (I go out to the plant restrooms). That have to dig all the way to Buford Highway to fix it…almost half a mile. Will's game Tuesday was rained out, so I didn't have to leave early. Busy day. Young team member Thomas has turned in his notice. He has a friend taking his place: Patricia, who seems to be soaking everything in nicely.

Don Head came to Will's baseball game in Austell Saturday, and he told me about Dr. Sapp. Don said his mom is on the personnel committee, so they'll have to name a search committee. He also mentioned his sick niece.

My pet peeve is coaches, players, and umpires taking too much time. One pitching change took ten minutes. Finally Will stepped in to bat, then the pitcher turned and pointed to all four infielders, one at a time. He called them in for a conference. Finally the umpire had to walk out and break it up. Will's Tuesday game was rained out. Looks like this afternoon's doubleheader will also be cancelled…whenever its recently rained, the great East Cobb Baseball doesn't allow people on their sacred fields. And this weekend Will is going to miss his doubleheader in McDonough. Not a good start to the season.

ESPN devoted a ton of Sportscenter time to the Knick game, and I watched a bunch of that…after American Idol finally went off the air. A couple of days ago when they announced the new Dancing With the Stars cast on Headline News, they SAID Martina Navratilova, but displayed several photos of Martina Hingis. I rarely see such glaring errors!

EBay update: Sold my Dr. J jersey, a lime green Shareef Hawks jersey (to a UGA student), and a box of Matthew's old shoes. Also a Rangers hockey jersey, but evidently the buyer got cold feet. I had eleven pair of shoes that Matthew had outgrown that were still in good shape, that I decided to sell on eBay.

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