Thursday, May 16, 2013

BJ: The Best Option

Fans are already comparing BJ Upton to Dan Uggla, forgetting that BJ was the Braves best available option at the time. Additionally, the Justin Upton trade would have never happened without BJ on the team. Michael Bourn has been struggling just as bad up in Cleveland. Soon I’ll do a quick analysis of this past winter’s free agent/traded centerfielder class, including Span, Victorino, and Fowler. It does seem like BJ is sincere about wanting to improve.
Speaking of the Upton trade, I saw comments that Arizona got the better end of the deal. The DBacks signed Prado for big bucks, and he’s been hitting below the Mendoza Line. Randal Delgado has been terrible in the minors, and the other prospects aren’t panning out either. Meanwhile, Justin and Chris Johnson have been two bright spots for the Braves.
Joe Simpson and DOB aren’t liking the free-swinging, strikeouts are OK approach the Braves are taking. Interesting how Arizona is one of the few teams taking the opposite approach. They do have a nice little team.

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