Friday, May 03, 2013

The Strikeout Era

From this week's Sports Illustrated: Fact or Fiction?

The Strikeout Era Continues: FACT More than one of every five hitters to come to the plate this season has struck out. In the 7th – 9th innings – the providence of one-inning relievers – more than 21% of batters have whiffed. Increased specialization has turned the late innings into a K parade, and there's no sign that the trend is abating.

It's not just the Braves. Of course, the fans who complain about strikeouts aren't the type to read, or have their minds changed by reading or hearing reports like these. The means that on average, every team strikes out more than six times per game.

Theory: More all-or-nothing/go-for-broke/type-A guys make it to the big leagues than the more reserved/analytical/type-B players. As our American society continues to spiral downhill, more people are adopting the type A mindset than type B. These type A's are more the type to swing for the fences and not worry about strikeouts than the type B's, who'd rather hit for a higher average and OBP. Since there are more type A's in MLB than type B's, strikeouts are on the rise. At least that's what it looks like from this type B observer.

Last night Dale Murphy was talking about where Gattis will play when McCann returns. Murf brought up left field. Unless Gattis has been shagging balls before BP, I'm starting to think like Rob, that they'll keep him behind the plate and work McCann back slowly. But Fredi played Gattis at first base, so he may throw him out there in left. I'll ask my man on the BP scene (John) if he's noticed anything. The Bear did have two of the Braves' five hits Thursday night, and Medlin praised the way Gattis called the game.

Interesting that Schafer no longer wears sleeves to cover up his tattoos, like he did as a rookie. Perhaps Bobby made him wear the sleeves. Even though BJ has made several nice catches recently, I still think Schafer might be the better centerfielder. But since BJ has the big contract, he stays put. Besides, if Schafer played CF, Justin's arm makes him a better rightfielder than BJ. No sense uprooting everyone.

With Reed Johnson handing out T-shirts and fielding questions on the pregame, it appears that he is stepping up into somewhat a leadership role. Joe Simpson called his high-stirrups/black spikes/white laces and stripes look to be "shiny spinners", or something of the like.

Robert, the mild-mannered Turner Field bleacher Indian who works at the Stinky Kroger has been able to attend four or five Braves games in a row. He lives about a mile away, and Wednesday my wife saw him at the Roswell Square bus stop headed to the game. Big fan, but not much of a talker.

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