Friday, May 24, 2013

The Legend Grows

Wednesday night I watched most of the replay of the afternoon Braves game. When Gattis came up with the bases loaded I walked over closer to the TV. As he took the first three pitches I remembered he hit the grand slam on a 3-0 count.

Chip and Joe keep using to phrase “adding to the legend of Evan Gaddis.” Later the announcers were wondering if Gaddis would be a part of the All-Star game, either as a write-in or in the Home Run Derby, where he would be a natural. His best chance to be an all-star isn’t the write in, but the final fan’s on-line vote to elect one last player to the team.

I’m not a fan of Braves players competing in the Home Run Derby, fearing they will either mess up their swing or embarrass themselves by not hitting many home runs.

While I was on this morning I voted for the All-Star game. They make it so easy to vote 25 times perhaps so more people will do it, instead of just the fans trying to cheat the system. I voted for McCann (and all the Braves) instead of writing in Gaddis. Perhaps my wife and kids will write in the White Bear.

I'd like to buy a cute white Bear costume and wearing it to every game at Turner Field. I would be friendly, but never speak.

In St. Louis they go all out to stuff the ballot box. Seems to be a great organization. Looking forward to reading the Sports Illustrated article. They probably made the right call on Pujols, as hard as letting him walk was. Can’t believe Pujols is saying he might retire, although he does march to a different drummer.  

Last night Ceil cooked spaghetti and salad, with homemade rolls. Then C drove A down to Sandy Springs to sign up for art classes. M went along to get a new CD. Tonight we’re going to a graduation party.

Tuesday A played golf with several friends, including Caroline Hargreaves. Only six holes, but she got one par and “beat the boys” on that hole. A came back sunburned. Now she’s ready to play more.

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