Wednesday, May 01, 2013


My boss has lost over 30 pounds. The only way I can stay on my diet is to buy the food myself. A and M are such picky eaters, and C has been so busy that she hasn't cooked many meals. She is programmed into the meat and potatoes diet, which is bad for me. And when she does cook, there are always leftovers that don't get eaten unless I take them for lunch. This weekend was frozen pizza and hot dogs. I try to eat yogurt, carrots, Cheerios, grapefruit, and popcorn. I did finally run this morning, after avoiding the pollen the past three weeks.

Yesterday was the always-hectic last day of the month, and my key co-worker was out. Then the customer hit me with a last-minute emergency that I had to work on when I got home last night. Took M to his Tuesday group, dropped off some paperwork at our painter in Marietta, read that Gattis article in USA Today, and picked up M his Taco Bell. Back home I worked on my laptop, and skipped reading my O'Reilly book.

Ceil's mother's surgery went ok. It was outpatient, so she's back home. On the way back from SC yesterday Ceil swung by Athens to visit Will. Several of Will's Marietta friends are graduating from UGA: Willie, Charissa, Lisa, and David Rajecki.

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