Monday, May 13, 2013


Another weekend of eating poorly. Ceil cooked supper Friday night, but M didn't eat much. Later he cooked himself a frozen pizza, and I ate a piece or two. Took Anna to the dollar movie to see the 9:45 showing of The Host, which didn't differ much from the book. Think I liked the movie better. So I missed the Braves game.

Saturday I had more of the pizza. Organized clothes and cleaned upstairs. Ceil cleaned downstairs. That afternoon during the Braves game M and I ran errands: library, Kroger, two thrift stores, Trader Joes, and BP. Anna and Ceil drove up to the Dawsonville outlets. Ceil brought home Publix chicken tenders, fries, and onion rings. She fixed salad, but didn't have any dressing.

Sunday morning Will cooked the cinnamon rolls that I had picked up at Trader Joes. Matthew and I went to North Point. Ceil and Will went to Passion Church…Ceil to work in the nursery and Will to worship with Mary-Clayton's family. Later M, A, and I drove down and put our name in at the OK Café, so when C and W arrived we didn't have to wait for a table. We hadn't been to the OK Café since Ceil had returned from Paris almost exactly one year ago, so she enjoyed it. I think all five of us ordered the exact same thing as last year: C had the veggie plate, A had a turkey sandwich on sourdough with chips, W and M had burgers, and I had a BBQ sandwich. Took the kids to youth group, then stopped by Publix and the downtown Anthropologie before the service. Afterwards Ceil cooked bacon, eggs, and grits for supper. Missed Sunday's Braves game, as well as the final round of the Players Championship.

Read the first eighty pages of my third straight Kennedy book: The Third Bullet. This one is fiction, almost 500 pages, and very interesting. In it, a famous author uncovers evidence that a rifle had been stashed away in the Dal-Tex Building, which would've provided almost the same shot as the Book Depository…and that the third shot had come from there. After this I'm taking a break from Kennedy books.

Last week of classes for A and M. This morning Will left for the mountains for a few days with MC, her sister Anna, Joel, Kevin, and some other UGA friends of Will's.

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