Friday, May 10, 2013

Taste of Alpharetta

Thursday night after a busy day I had a headache, and didn't feel like battling parking and the crowds at the Taste of Alpharetta. C and M enjoyed going last year. The rest of the family had gone earlier, and I would've been an hour and a half late. Not worth showing up for the last 30 minutes. I went home and got in a little needed work around the house. Had yogurt and leftover Moes black bean and rice, a whole wheat blueberry bagel, and later peanut butter crackers. Finished Killing Kennedy and watched the Kris Medlin special, American Idol, and the first few innings of the Braves/Giants. I did exercise this morning.

MC comes home today, so we won't be seeing much of Will. Ceil wants me take her to the once a month Scott Antique Market on Saturday, but the house is a mess.

Subcontractors pulled off another miracle last night. Yesterday at two we discovered an inventory count was wrong: we were out of a complex part. A day's worth were quickly made in Anniston. I lined up a truck to carry them to Marietta to be painted, then deliver to Augusta by 5 am. Now we have to build more to pull ahead. Last Friday a different error was discovered at 1 pm. Material was entered, cut, and delivered an hour away by 4 pm…pretty quick. Usually it's not that easy.

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