Sunday, January 04, 2015

Beauty or the Beast

Two interesting pictures of Ceil. Above she was in a store dressing room trying something on. Guess she wanted Anna's opinion. Below she was cleaning her mother's house on Christmas morning. With the bunny slippers and pink socks and nightgown and apron and disheveled hair I just had to take the picture. She'll kill me for posting it.

Friday I delivered C downtown at 9 am then headed to Macon. Traffic was light. Grabbed two Egg McMuffins in Hapeville and a nice Columbia PFG fishing shirt on the way. My mom cooked burgers and I visited until 1:30.

Traffic on the way back was terrible, starting in Griffin. I got off in Locust Grove and cut over to the speedway, then up 19/41. Much better. Traffic past the airport and downtown was crawling as well. Took three hours door to door.

Changed clothes and drove up to Forsyth County to pick up Matthew. He'd been staying with a friend since Tuesday. On the way home we picked up two PaPaJohns pizzas. Didn't get home until after 8 pm.

Crashed for a little while. At 11 pm M and and I drove downtown and picked up Ceil at CNN Center just after midnight. On the trip down a police car did a U turn and followed me five miles through East Cobb. Crawled into bed at 1 am.

Saturday morning I cleaned Anna's room, walked Barney, and started a load of clothes before driving Ceil back downtown. On the way home I grabbed a Hardee's biscuit, got a haircut, deposited a check, and shopped at Dollar Tree and four thrift stores. Got a ton of laundry to do.

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