Monday, January 26, 2015

Brady Proved'em Wrong

Good NFL Network show on the six QB’s drafted ahead of Tom Brady. He actually wept when remembering how supportive his parents were during the draft when virtually unknown QB’s were being drafted ahead of him. The Browns drafted Spergon Wynn from SW Texas State, who hadn’t completed 50% of his college passes and had thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. Also the oft-injured Chad Pennington by the Jets, washout Tee Martin by the Steelers, and Mark Bulger by the Rams. Bulger made a couple of Pro Bowls due to the potent Rams offense. The 49ers drafted Giovanni Carmazzi from Hofstra and he never played a regular season down.

Chad Pennington (Marshall) by the Jets, Round 1 Pick 18
Giovanni Carmazzi (Hofstra) by the 49ers, Round 3 Pick 65
Chris Redman (Louisville) by the Ravens, Round 3 Pick 75
Tee Martin (Tennessee) by Pittsburgh, Round 5 Pick 163
Marc Bulger (West Virginia) by the Saints, Round 6 Pick 168
Spergon Wynn (SW Texas St) by Cleveland, Round 6 Pick 183

Also watched the Marinovich Project – a good story that Ceil and Will got interested in.
Chapel choir reunion – I missed the last reunion several years ago. I’m just happy they’re having it. I guess by having the time to chat before the choir singing it will cut a lot of the chit chat up in the choir loft. If there are problems the reunion could be moved somewhere else. Rick Statham is the pastor of the church in McDonough where John Condra is serving as interim minister of music. Miriam Crumpler is his wife. I bet Rick and Miriam would let us have the reunion at their church and meet any demands of the disgruntled. Or Peachtree Presbyterian staff members Mark Crumpler and Marnie Mullen Crumpler would let us have the reunion there. Scott Atchison is at Peachtree Road Methodist. Scott and Robin Condra and Jim Watterson and John Adair (and Claire) are at Johnson Ferry. Don Head could open up his church. Or Marty Watts – is he still down in Griffin?

Slow weekend. Can’t remember Friday night. M had a late guitar lesson and he and C stopped by Publix on the way back, so I beat them home. Had hot dogs for supper along with cole slaw and baked beans.

Saturday and Sunday morning I cleaned upstairs and took over a hundred photos for eBay. Sold a Talbots blouse and got a bid on a pair of Pumas, plus three watchers on my old Mickey Mantle baseball glove. Thought about selling my old Hawks Pac man sweatshirt but Will wanted to wear it. Ceil finished painting the kitchen/den. Saturday afternoon I worked on laundry and watched some NFL Network. Ceil wanted to watch “Legally Blonde 2.”  For supper Saturday night C and A had baked potatoes and mixed vegetables and I ate a grilled chicken breast. M went out with friends. Saturday was a RARE weekend day when none of our three cars moved an inch. Usually we are driving all over town.

Will came home Sunday morning but left for Athens after lunch (pork tenderloin, stir fried vegetables, and wild rice. Ceil went to the 1230 service and I drove M down to PCC for youth group. On the way back I found four bobbleheads for only ten dollars. After church M ate at Chilis. Anna had gone down to Grace Midtown downtown near Northside and Howell Mill for most of the afternoon and the evening service. Someone busted out the windows on five cars, including Anna’s Jeep. Nothing was in there to take, but it messed up the trim around the window.

GT/BC: sounds like I didn’t miss much yesterday, but still sorry I couldn’t go. I listened to some of the game on the radio. Couldn’t believe Mitchell didn’t score in the first half – he’s just about their best player. Jorgenson should be playing more minutes and given the green light to shoot whenever he wants. I doubt they can get the Hawks coach.

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