Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Hall of Famer John Smoltz

Today John Smoltz was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot. Lots of people were thinking four could be inducted this year. I watched the roundtable discussion on the MLB Network and have been reading DOB. I knew Biggio was on the cusp and could go either way and felt Smoltz wasn't quite a lock, though he has about as much goodwill with the writers as any recent retiree.

Smoltz should have an interesting speech, as well as a 2015 Braves bobblehead. Still waiting for that list of promotions to come out. Did the veterans committee vote anyone in? Wasn't that something that happens before the end of the year?

I pinned a map of the USA on my office wall and immediately became less productive. Already re-mapped out a coast to coast 36 day driving tour of the MLB parks (weather and schedule permitting). Even calculated the cost of the trip.

ROB ON SMOLTZ: Are you surprised about the Hall of Fame vote? I was not certain Biggio would get in, but I thought Piazza would come close. Last year, I did not think Smoltz had a shot to be first ballot, but it became apparent over the last few months that he had more support than I originally thought.

Future Years:
2016 - Griffey and Piazza
2017 - Vlad Guerrero (Manny and Pudge Rodriguez will be eligible, but I think they will be banished to the steroid list)
2018 - Chipper
2019 - Rivera
2020 - Jeter

Over one of these years, I think Bagwell may get in. I am for keeping the steroid guys out, but I don't want to repeat the no inductee debacle of 2 years ago. I am not a "big hall" nor "little hall" guy, but I just like to see someone inducted every year.

I would love to go to the induction this summer. The veterans committee voted during the winter meetings. I think Dick Allen and Tony Oliva missed induction by a few votes.

Did you read that book 'I Dont Care If I Ever Get Back' written by the 2 guys who took a cross country MLB parks tour. It came out last year. I read a sample but have not had the desire to read the entire book yet.

ME: Years ago I started a spreadsheet with 2 rows for every year of my life…grade, where I lived, what car I drove, and some major events of the year. Later I added columns for the kids…what team Will was on, etc. I keep it up but moved it to the blog tab. Eventually I saw the need to have a separate tab for each kid. I'd like to think they will eventually read it to look back on their childhood. My parents and sister read it every day and comment about it when we visit. The kids are only interested in what I have to say about them in the Christmas letter I write every year. I only mail it to the people who send us Christmas letters.

Since October I've done a good job at posting to the blog every day. I was worried about the holidays and some of the posts were just pictures, but it worked out ok. Got some ideas I've wanted to research/write about so I've got a few posts stored up, like that MLB trip yesterday. Doubt I'll win a Pulitzer but I'm having fun with it and it doesn't take too much time. This year perhaps I'll post more on Christianity and really make a fool of myself.

Been following a blog called The End Time by a lady who lives near Athens.

Haven't gotten into the NBA or the Hawks bandwagon yet but know I should. Most of my info comes from Lang's tweets. Tomorrow night I'm going to the Tech / Syracuse game with his dad.

Today we had a big Taylor Swift conversation here in the office. One mom is sick of constantly hearing her songs on every radio station. Anna still is a big fan.

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