Saturday, January 17, 2015

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now

With Perry gone from 680, that Home Team guy has stepped up and started talking like an expert instead of a guy just recently promoted from reading the updates every 15 minutes. I’m sure Home Team lives, eats, and breathes sports and has a relatively informed opinion, but one thing he’s bad at is listening. As always Chris Dimino brings an informed, considered opinion. Home Team is an idiot for disagreeing. He spouts his own not thought through that much opinion and thinks it holds up against Dimino’s more considered opinion. Like this morning Home Team thought Ohio State could only benefit from having three great QB’s and did not think about the OSU players pulling for one QB over another could divide and tear apart the team. Dimino brought that up. If this keeps up Dimino could turn against Home Team like he did Perry.
Ohio State QB Cardale Jones has wisely determined that his three games in college were not enough experience to jump to the NFL, so he will return to the Buckeyes next year. Cardale sounded intelligent and engaging at his press conference, quite different from the teenager who once tweeted “we ain’t come to play school“. 

Two time Big Ten player of the year Braxton Miller may not return. Since Miller had been shrouded in the jerseys for tattoos contraversery, perhaps FSU would be a good fit for him. Not sure about Miller, but Jones was raised in poverty with no authority figures to teach him right and wrong. The father of former Buckeye Ted Ginn Jr runs a charter school/football factory for boys like Smith. Even then Cardale was a slow learner in both high school and when he matriculated to Ohio State.  

That’s one thing about America today. The black leadership is more interested in lining their own pockets and mooching of the system and avoiding paying tax bills than mentoring the next generation. Children are left to fend for themselves, more worried about their next meal and yearning for affection and attention than planning a life and career. When I have a hard time getting motivated to be a good husband and provide for my family and lose weight and serve others and all the other things that I should be doing, it is kinda hard to dump on poor people for not doing more than what everyone else around them is doing.
MARIOTA: CBS broadcaster Gary Danielson is saying that as a result of the national championship game Marcus Mariota’s draft position has fallen into the second round. I love Danielson’s analysis on SEC games but I think he’s way off the mark. After the Rose Bowl all the supposed experts were talking about how great he was. What I want to know is who these so-called experts picked in the Sugar Bowl – probably Alabama. They had probably picked Oregon in the national championship game – the Ducks went in as a seven point favorite. Probably sour grapes on the part of the experts, who are mad at Mariota for making them look bad. 

Just another reminder that all this hype is meaningless. That expert wasn’t breaking new ground with his second round prediction. Last August Sports Illustrated ran an in-depth article about how Mariota would project as a pro, contrasting him to several past Oregon QB’ how flopped in the NFL.

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