Thursday, January 15, 2015

JT O'Sullivan's NFL Record

Instead of assuming that Deion Sanders holds the title for wearing the most different colored face masks I tried to do some on line research. This was not easy. When I would search for which player had played for the most teams Google would instead tell me which player had the most arrests (Adam Pac Man Jones).

A good guess of which player had played for the most teams was journeyman backup QB JT O’Sullivan (above), who played for twelve pro teams in an eleven year time period. Along the way JT wore helmets with eleven different colored facemasks – far more than Deion. No one trick pony he – O’Sullivan earned a master’s degree from the University of Phoenix along the way and even gave the commencement address at his graduation ceremony.

94-97 high school
98-01 California Davis grey or gold
02-03 New Orleans Saints black (1)
04 Green Bay Packers dark green (2)
05 Chicago Bears navy (3)
05 Minnesota Vikings purple (4)
06 New England Patriots bright red (5)
06 Carolina Panthers black
07 Frankfurt Galaxy orange (6)
07 Detroit Lions blue (7)
08 San Francisco 49ers dark red (8)
09-10 Cincinnati Bengals black
12 Oakland Raiders grey (9)
13 Saskatchewan Roughriders bright green (10)
14 Saskatchewan Roughriders white (11)

Doug Flutie played for nine pro teams in 17 years but only wore five different colored masks. Interestingly, in over twenty years in college and the pros Flutie never wore a traditional grey facemask. He was featured on three Sports Illustrated covers and in 2005 converted the only successful drop kick in the NFL since 194 (above).

77-80 high school
81-84 Boston College dark red (two SI covers)
85 New Jersey Generals white
86 Chicago Bears navy
87-89 New England Patriots white
90-91 British Columbia Lions black
92-95 Calgary Stampeders black
96-97 Toronto Argonauts white
98-00 Buffalo Bills white (SI cover)
01-04 San Diego Chargers navy
05 New England Patriots bright red

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