Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend in the Country

Thursday night A went out to eat and C went to a special service at Johnson Ferry with her friends. I worked late and stopped by two thrift stores and Wendys on the way home. Had to drive to Alpharetta to pick up M at 10 pm. At least it wasn't Cumming or Canton.

Computer problems are never ending. Desktop at home will run slow when 4 or 5 people are all using devices to slow down the internet. Work laptop was loading internet websites fine until where we log our work hours stopped working. Yesterday I called the help desk and got that fixed – but now no other website will load, not even Google.

Busy as all get out on Friday. No emergencies and just one short conference call but lots of regular work plus some projects. C had to take M to Grace Midtown so I drove down and met her at Jaliscos. Then I drove her down to get coffee on the Westside. Saw Bill Reed on Lindbergh when I was headed to Peachtree Battle. Gassed up my Civic on the way home.

Saturday morning it took forever but finally got C and A and M in the car. Took three hours for a normal 1-1/2 hour trip. Downtown Connector was jammed all the way back to Moores Mill. Signs said three lanes were blocked south of the city around Stockbridge and McDonough, so I took old 19/41 past the raceway. We stopped at Chickfila. Beautiful scenery but I missed a turn.

Ate supper at the famous Fresh Air BBQ, whose Jackson GA location has been voted best BBQ in the state for decades. Ceil got a half BBQ chicken and M got ribs. The rest of us got pork plates. Everything was good, but the vinegar based sauce wasn't my favorite. Great Brunswick Stew and the cole slaw was good. Great shaved ice for the drinks. Gassed up the CRV and left for home at 7 pm and didn't get home until after ten. Traffic ground to a halt just past the Griffin exit and crawled along at 5 MPH to the Locust Grove exit seven miles up the road. I cut over to 19/41 and didn't have a problem after that.

Cleaned upstairs and did laundry and dishes on Sunday. Picked up M at PCC. Sold three pairs of shoes, a pair of jeans, and a jean jacket on eBay. We had run off half a tank in the CRV so I filled it back up, then took Anna's Jeep to BP for gas and mailed off Will's rent check. He is having his Jeep towed to a garage today.

This morning's forecast called for rain, but I got in a 45 minute walk/run in the cool breeze. Went inside and then heard raindrops outside. I have three of my Final Four still active – missed on Virginia. Had 6 of the Elite Eight. Watched some of several games this weekend: KY/Notre Dame and Duke/Gonzaga.

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