Friday, March 20, 2015

The Jaguars Prevail

Did not watch the NCAA tournament Thursday night but made a point of checking the scores first thing Thursday. So far I am 14-6 with only two of my Sweet 16 gone, and my Elite Eight still intact. Two games were tough picks and I batted .500 – Cincinnati beat my pick Purdue but I picked NC State over LSU. Also missed on Hampton, Robert Morris, UCLA, and of course UAB and Georgia State. Those people boasting about picking the upsets never say how many they got wrong. Before the tourney the talk was how several 15 seeds have upset number two seeds, like Mercer’s 2014 upset of Duke. Didn’t happen yesterday.

REID: And its Roundball Day again !!! I got SO Worked up during that Ga State game. I was yelling and screaming. Hunter scored last 10 points. I don't think Harrow even played. Also thought NC had lost. They looked terrible. Harvard should have won. SMU got a tough 3pt goal tending call called on them at the end to lose it. Felt bad for Larry Brown. He deserved better. I got so worked up yesterday, I slept till 9:00 this morning.  

ME: Last year Ceil helped arrange flowers at a wedding out near the Blue Willow and got to eat there. I’ve driven past but never had the privilege. Was reading a list of top places to eat in Georgia and the Buckner’s family style buffet off 75 in Barnesville was on the list. Some of my parents’ friends drive up to eat there, but I wasn’t too impressed. Copeland’s in Kennesaw had good food – some dishes done Cajun style. There used to be an Alpharetta location, but Kennesaw is too far away and there are so many other good restaurants closer by. I would’ve stuck to meatloaf, salad and maybe soup, fried green tomatoes, mac and cheese, turnip greens, and probably other veggies. I don’t eat livers and I can’t eat fish, and after eating so much fried chicken in college I’m just not crazy about it any more – especially on the bone. If boneless I could handle it. The other day at Ruby Tuesday we both got the salad bar. I went first and left off all the fattening stuff. No cheese or croutons or potato salad. At the end my salad wasn’t that big, but my vendor’s plate was piled high. I finished first while he wasn’t halfway through, so I ‘d feel bad about going back for a second plate.

Like everyone, I have people that drive me crazy. I try not to be like that but sometimes it’s hard. Ceil was raised one way and I was raised different so sometimes we have the same issues. I have a written down budget device (excel spreadsheet on the computer).  I still try to use it but the past few years we’ve been spending so much that it gets away from me. I still try but it’s not the same. I’m trying to think ahead to Anna going off to college and Will’s rent and then his wedding and move and Matthew’s tuition and guitar lessons and keeping up four cars and the annual neighborhood fee and orthodontists and other medical expenses not to mention retirement. God always has and will provide, but He still wants us to trust in Him – but also be generous and a good steward.     

Everyone talks about how great Marlins centerfielder Marcell Ozuna is. He may be talented and athletic but every time he plays the Braves he does something wrong in the field or on the bases. Yesterday he misplayed a ball in the outfield. So did the great Eric Young Junior, he of the .213 batting average. Kelly Jonson’s average is low as well but at least he makes the plays in the field and on the bases. Wish the Braves had signed Ichiro, who had a big day for Miami.

THURSDAY: These long work days are wearing me out. After picking up Matthew, Ceil dropped by Trader Joes so I beat her home even after stopping for gas. I was hungry so I warmed up the leftover sandwich on the Panini press. Later C cooked jalapino breaded chicken tenders for M and grilled tenders for her. Anna was babysitting for Margaret Ewing, who soon will be moving to Chattanooga. Watched some of the Braves game while working on the computer then C changed it to American Idol – where none of the singers impressed. But Kenny Loggins sang Footloose and Jennifer Lopez debuted her new song wearing a dress with a huge round tail. Ceil joked it was like the wedding dress MC had picked out that day. Later we watched The Middle.

Almost finished reading my Bruce Springsteen biography. I learned a lot I didn’t know. Prolific songwriter. Goes all out for his fans. Democrat. Has made sweeping but inaccurate political comments.

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