Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Trixie the Triceratops

Recently I told the story of a memorable statistics class my junior year at Tech, taught by a popular young professor. The senior homecoming queen sat just in front of me, to the left. I had never spoken to her. One day the prof’s example was abpout whips, and how long they lasted. He asked a question about the whips and called on the homecoming queen. I leaned over and whispered a funny reply she could answer: “Say ‘Beats ME!’” She laughed and gave my answer – but she put the emphasis on the wrong word “BEATS me”. By completely missing on the joke, I knew she wasn’t the girl for me.    

Good issue of Sports Illustrated with articles about the Hawks, Wilt Chamberlain’s son, assault in colleges, etc. And that Roger McDowell gets $13.00 every time that Seinfeld second spitter episode aires. I doubt I would ever read all those articles on line.

I was reading about that new show Last Man on Earth, which looks mildly interesting. Then I started reading about the actress in the show. She had voiced Trixie in TS3, the blue triceratops from the same toy line as Rex. Then I started reading about Toy Story characters and saw that Sid now drives a garbage truck. It’s been a while since I’d seen the movie, though I’ve watched it 2 or 3 times. Couldn’t remember if I had noticed Sid or not. MC is also a big TS fan. 

My favorite line is when Barbie says "Authority should derive from the consent of the governed, not from the threat of force!” I thought about TS3 the day Chuck & Chernoff were talking about guys crying more about movies or sports. Chernoff doesn’t get mushy at movies but Chuck gets all choked up watching Forrest Gump, hence my tweet about Forrest returning the kickoff for the Alabama touchdown.

Hurt’s oldest daughter Haley won the Miss Columbus GA pageant last week. She transferred to Auburn for her sophomore year and now she’s a senior. She joined a sorority and this was her second pageant that I knew about. Since she’s beautiful, smart, and well spoken, I’m sure she does well in pageants. Growing up she Irish danced, which now is her talent. In November she will compete in the Miss Georgia USA pageant. Last summer she worked down at Seaside FL. Wonder if she’ll have to stay home this summer and “train” for the pageant. Knowing Haley she entered the pageant as a resume builder. She is also crazy about all things Disney.  

Eric Young Jr hit one home run and Will’s old teammate Tanner loves him. Never mind that EYJr has never hit more than four in any one season. He may be the right man for the job defensively but its hard to get exciting about him offensively. He would be an upgrade over BJ. Tanner is the one who loved the Gomes signing. Sunday I drove past the Ted and they had the Gomes “I want to win THIS year” quote on the marquee. Seems like every spring the marginal players work hard, play great defense, and hit .350 to win a spot, then revert to form in the regular season. Why is management always fooled?

ROB: Yes, I was thinking the same thing about SI.  They have done a good job of staying with what they are - stories about the people are in sports, as opposed to trying to deliver sports news.

I was thinking the other day how goofy spring training in MLB is.  Spring training stats are both small sample sizes and against unequal opposition.  For example, EY Jr may get 2 AB's in a spring training game against Washington.  He may face Strasburg in 1 AB and Tanner Roark in the next.  Eury Perez may come in and face 1 pitcher who will spend the season in AAA and another who will end up in high A.  After the game we will compare their stats and declare that Perez should be the team's CF because he is having a better spring.

I also don't understand the scheduling of games in Fla.  In AZ, all of the complexes are pretty much near each other.  They say the Braves need to move to have closer commutes to play the other teams.  Instead of taking a different bus ride every day, why can't they go play a 3 game series against the Yankees in Tampa?

ME: Drove to Macon and back Sunday to check my dad into the hospital for phenmonia. He got out today. Will shadowed at hospitals Monday and Tuesday. Joel Norman came over for dinner last night and really livened things up. Looks like after the January wedding Will is moving to OK for 5 months while MC finishes school. Then he’ll start medical school in Augusta in May 2016.    

On the second Tuesday of the month, which is when we have our monthly management review meetings. The two sales managers were out of town but we had the meetings anyway. Monday I got a decent amount of work done but still plenty to do.

Will got home from camping Sunday afternoon. Went to Whole Foods with Ceil. Monday he shadowed with Dr. Gilbert in Cartersville. After supper (two Mexican dishes: burritos and enchiladas) he went over to the Normans to visit, then back to Athens to work in the hospital. He took my Civic to save on gas, so I drove his Jeep.

After work Tuesday I left work at six and picked up M at the Avalon. He had hung out at NP Mall with McKinnon. They ate at Five Guys. On the way home I picked up two more bobbleheads: a cowboy and a hockey player. Since it was Tuesday I got the senior discount.

Joel Norman came over for dinner, and as usual we all had a swell time. Spaghetti and meatballs and salad. He played us a recording of his latest unreleased song, and Matthew did the same. M and Joel played guitars for a while, then the kids all played a game where they guessed the location of Google photos. Closest to the location wins.

Facebook has a thing where they’ll tell you what you posted exactly 4 or 5 years ago, but I haven’t checked it out. All I have to do is pull out one of my calendars, which can be fun. On this day in 2005 Will had baseball practice, Anna had a dress rehearsal for ballet, Matthew had a violin lesson, and we had small group. I had a burger for lunch and spaghetti for dinner.

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