Monday, March 23, 2015

Napier Funeral

Friday night: Worked til six and I guess I drove straight home. We went over to Lee & Nancy's house to eat PaPaJohns Pizza. Nancy had just returned from a Johnson Ferry BC mission trip to India. A missionary from New Zealand rescues women from prostitution and sets them up making bags and baskets, with full pay, benefits, and a retirement plan. Matthew went to hang out with his longtime friend Daniel but Anna went to a movie since Mary Lee wasn't there. 

Saturday morning Ceil, Anna, and I went down to SPdL for Jean Napier's funeral. Will was deep into wedding planning in Cartersville and couldn't make it. When I arrived I saw the signs for the Pictorial Directory but didn't see Edie. All the Normans were there except for Willis, who is all the way around the world in somewhere like Burma. Joel and Charles wore new matching suits that Becky had just bought them. Catherine had been in town all week, perhaps the longest she's been away from Memphis in years. Spencer had just gotten in last night from Colorado. I got to chat with David and his bride Beth, which was fun.

Sat in front of Jerry and Marcine Head. Lindsey Acuff brought his parents. Harry and Beth Hurt brought his mother. Steve Suggs and his sister-in-law Gayle brought Jim Senior. I hadn't seen Steve in years and hated that I wasn't able to speak with him. He did see me and gave me his signature nod. From what I hear Steve spends a lot of time caring for his father. Charles Quarles snuck in at the last moment as well. We also nodded hello, but I didn't get to speak to him either. The Wednesday night lady friend who plays the organ (not Joy Callaway) was there to play the piano.

Ashley had to dash home but returned in time for the service. Joel and Charles sang two songs and Ashley's youngest daughter delivered a wonderful memorial. Bob spoke from Psalms. Afterwards I made a point to tell David Norman's former Living Science teacher Kathy Arasmith (who sat in front of me with Michelle Pipe – they attend East Cobb Presbyterian with Becky) that Dr. Marsh was the preacher who preached "the Psalmist faced" sermon series. Several years ago Kathy had asked me the story behind my "The Psalmist faced…the school parent's meeting" comment.

Barbara Goldsmith was there with Myra. They both looked well. I spoke to Bob Marsh before the service but he was busy getting his thoughts together. Afterwards he mentioned that he was teaching a class at Peachtree Presbyterian, attended by Jim Phillips, Marby Rainer, and others. Seems like Peachtree Presbyterian has become something like what SPdL used to be. We spoke after the funeral. In the parking lot Bob called to me, wanted to check out the Family Life Center. We looked around while C and A wondered where I had disappeared to. As we were leaving the one thing Becky told us was how much she had appreciated Edie coming to the visitation.

Back home I cooked turkey bacon for sandwiches on the Panini press, then drove M to Alpharetta. Then I got the oil changed in Anna's Jeep and saw an old friend at the carwash for the second straight week. Anna met Will and MC for a bridemaid's dress fitting, then went over to Britany's for a girl's night sleepover. Ceil didn't want Mexican so we ate at Moxie Burger, then drove to Cumming to retrieve Matthew. On the way C got a call from Caroline McKeithen, so they got to catch up.

Sunday I cleaned upstairs and signed up for the Peachtree Road Race, then drove M down to PCC. Ceil cooked chicken soup and watched two cheesy movie on the Hallmark Channel. The leading actor in both movies both looked like Preston Toholsky.

After Sunday my NCAA record is 38-14 with 3 of my Final Four still in it – and 6 of my Elite Eight and 12 of my Sweet Sixteen. Missed on the losses of Virginia and Villanova and Kansas. See where GT basketball player Cox was signed by Indianapolis? Not the Pacers, but the Colts.

Too much work. Computer at home runs slower than at work. I try not to stay on the computer at home too much because it always takes me so long. Co-worker didn't show up today AND I just got hit with an all day emergency AND now we have a 10 am meeting AND an 11 am meeting, capped off with a two hour afternoon meeting. Perhaps the 11 am meeting can be cancelled on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.

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