Sunday, March 08, 2015

What I Do

Thought my job can sometimes be frustrating (like all jobs) it seems to fit my unique personal makeup.

Hours per day performing various duties at work:
2.00 reviewing fabricator inventory & taking subsequent actions
1.00 expediting late parts/calling & emailing customer & vendors
0.50 daily conference call
1.00 help solve team problems
0.50 lining up shipments
0.50 helping VMI with their problems
0.50 customer quotes and one time orders
0.25 other customer pricing
0.25 reviewing my old work orders
0.25 keeping up with remote inventory orders
0.25 rejections
1.00 helping resolve problem orders for other offices
0.25 helping resolve plant problems
0.25 misc work email & voicemail
0.50 special projects
0.25 raw material review and ordering, expediting mill orders
0.25 reviewing old inventory
0.25 entering orders for other customers

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