Saturday, July 04, 2015

The Peachtree You Don't See

Some of my T-shirts. After 28 years they take up a lot of space. Thinking about selling them on eBay. No many PTRR shirts from the 80's and 90's for sale, so I've got that going.

Took a camera with me today and snapped some pictures of some of the less glorious parts of the race people tend to forget: the long journey to the start line.
Waiting at the MARTA Station. By the time the train comes the platform will be full. At least there are fans running.
At the Lenox Station everyone piles off the jam-packed train. You get the feeling you aren't the most out of shape person in Atlanta.
There are more people being you than ahead of you.
You can't walk up Lenox to Peachtree. You gotta take side streets so you come out at your group. Without glasses all photos are blurry.
When you get to your group you wait some more. Loudspeakers blast music. The Star Spangled Banner is sung. The race begins, but you don't move. Helicopters buzz. Always interesting to look for spectators in the high rise on the right.
Slowly you approach the start line.
The huge flag is held aloft by a crane.
AND THEN: you wait some more.
After three miles my camera was drenched. Here's the blurry view looking back from the Peachtree Creek bridge back toward Lindburgh. After that my camera gave up the ghost.

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