Friday, July 31, 2015


Jim Abbott’s book “Imperfect” is a pretty good read - among the best jock autobiographies I've ever read. Addresses growing up without a hand as well as his struggles as a pitcher – his 20 loss season and demotion to the minors. He hits on his feelings and well as tells stories, including his up and down relationship with agent Scott Boras. A month or so ago I saw Tim McCarver interview him on his spotlight show. By waiting 10-12 years after retirement to write his book Jim Abbott was better able to relate his true feelings about the different events in his lefe and career. Some may think him winey but he was honest with his feelings. The writer who helped him with the book was the Angels beatwriter when Abbott played in Anaheim, so he was a witness to many of the events.

Not sure Donald Trump would be the best president based on comments he has made over the years, but he sure has got Hillary and Obama and the media all up in arms by telling the truth, which is a good thing. He doesn’t care who he offends which is also good, but it won’t get him elected President. If he runs as an independent it will shave off Republican votes, allowing another Democrat to win the election.

With social media these days a tiny minority (like homosexuals) can be offended and have more influence than the majority (Christians). It is clear that people aren’t thinking with their heads but instead trying to be politically correct. What does the Bible say that people will be blinded in the End Times? There is outrage over the shooting in Louisiana but nothing about people in Chicago being killed every two hours. Two hours after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage the White House was bathed in rainbow colors but it took five days after the Chattanooga massacre to lower the flag. A lone gunman wrapped in the Confederate flag draws the President to the funeral but a Muslim shooter is labeled internal terrorism.
Another thing about so many people putting down and abusing the Christians. One day (soon?) all the Christians are going to disappear, and everyone left behind is going to wonder what happened. I’m glad I won’t be around to find out. Since Phil Robertson got in such trouble for speaking out (in church!) he went out and published a book – “UnPhiltered” – where he could give his views. I’m reading it now. Read by him and son Alan. Mark Schlabach helped write it.      
Anna had her wisdom teeth out last Tuesday and has had a few complications – not 100% smooth. Worked past six last Thursday night. Busy day with both coworker and boss out, plus several others needing help. Almost bought a pair of blue Nike Air Max but just wasn’t feeling it. Too blue. Dinner was black beans and rice. Ceil was watching Fixer Upper on HGTV and helping Anna pack.

Last Friday morning I dropped Anna off at the airport for her trip to Denver. Her first flight by herself. She was flying standby and her priority was lower than current employees and retirees. There was a power outage at another airport, and with it being a Friday in the summer she was lucky to get a seat on the 9:45 pm flight. Anna is smart and independent, but it was a long frustrating day. You may have seen some of her photos, she’s having a great time now that she’s out there. She made it back on the first flight out on Tuesday. Sherryl here at work is a Delta retiree and can check how full each flight is, which helped. She correctly predicted the early flight was the best bet. Sherryl knows, and Will has also learned the hard way about standby flights. I would’ve had Anna plan on flying out Thursday had she shared her plans with me.

Dropped her off at 6:34 and made it to Norcross in 30 minutes, including my usual stop at RaceTrac. Drove to Macon Sunday so I missed most of the HOF ceremonies. I love to tell jokes but if I was being inducted into Cooperstown I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t put on a wig.

Donne made the cover of SI when she was in college but it’s about time for another article about her pro career. She’s too vanilla for ESPN the Magazine. They’d rather have a more controversial player like Brianna Griner to sell more issues. SI isn’t as much like that.

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