Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ranking the AFC Uniforms

Though I am a NFC man, there are a whole lot of good-looking uniforms in the AFC. Jacksonville is clearly the worst, but the Browns’ new unis may give the Jags a run for their money. The Sporting News’ Hecken nails the top five: Colts, Raiders, Chiefs, Jets, and Steelers, in a slightly different order than mine (in parenthesis).  

16 (16) Jacksonville: every do-over gets worse. Maybe the next city will get it right.

15 (9) Cincinnati’s unis are different but better than many. Great helmet.

14 (8) Tennessee’s colors are great, and all the various jersey/pants combos look good.

13 (11) Denver’s unis were a sight to see when new but have quickly aged. Time for a do-over.

12 (15) Cleveland’s ranking plummets from great to terrible. The Browns can’t catch a break.

11 (10) Baltimore’s unis are plain but not ugly. I just dislike the head-to-toe black and purple paired with black.

10 (6) New England: Phil ranks them 10th – far too low. Winning makes average unis look good. Maybe it’s Tom Brady who makes them look so good. Love the shade of blue.
9 (14) Houston has the most bland unis, like from a movie. And the huge red neck collar makes it worse. A fashion disaster.

8 (13) Miami’s unis and logos keep getting worse, but the new throwback looks great. Hopefully they’ll wear the old logo with the throwbacks.

7 (12) San Diego’s weird numbers and multiple number trim ugly up what used to be the best-looking uni in football.

6 (7) Buffalo’s unis keep improving. Love the throwbacks, and the regular uni is ok as well.

5 (3) Pittsburgh looks great. One of the few teams with a weird number font that works (the Bears are the other). Great throwbacks as well.

4 (5) Jets: Didn’t the green used to be lighter? A great uni but the facemasks need to be grey.

3 (1) Kansas City is tops for two reasons: classic and bright.

2 (4) Oakland: nothing wrong here, except the actual team.

1 (2) Indianapolis: a close second-best to KC.

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