Thursday, July 02, 2015

Let Them Eat Cake

The minor league baseball team in New Orleans (the Zephyrs) wears navy jerseys with NOLA on them. The Marlins recently promoted prospect Austin Nola from Jacksonville to New Orleans. Lots of people are saying he’ll wear his name on the front and back of his jersey – but actually the Zephyrs don’t wear names on the backs of their navy jerseys. Their white home jerseys have names, but not NOLA on the front.

QUIZ: who has worn their name on the back of his jersey AND the front, at the same time? Hint: NBA.

ANSWER: When the Western Conference played against the Eastern Conference in the NBA All-Star Game, Laker Jerry West wore his name on both the front and back of his jersey. Country singer Charlie Pride’s nephew Curtis played baseball for the minor league Nashville Pride. He also wore his name on the front and back of his jersey. When Lee May played for the White Sox he wore his birthday on the back of his jersey. In the 70’s pitcher Andy Messersmith wore “Channel 17” on the back of his Braves jersey. Johnny Podres was a coach for the San Diego Padres – before the Padres wore names on their backs.

Wednesday morning two co-workers were in town to talk about my customer. I got dragged into a meeting with short notice, needing to bring in data to justify our viewpoint. I wound up working on the report the entire day. That was Wednesday. Tuesday had been month end stuff and Monday recovering from not being able to do my job all last week. Worked until 6:30 last night but did get a lot done. Already being hit with more special projects this morning.

Not much going on at home. Ceil cooked burritos and later drove M to Publix. I worked on the computer and turned on American Ninja Warrior and The Middle. Will got in late after attending a wedding cake tasting in Rome. Anna returns from Clemson today, where she was hanging out with her cousins.

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