Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Boogered Up

The SEC Network's Booger McFarland is at it again - perhaps to make up for his outlandish prediction that South Carolina's quarterback would outplay All-American Deshaun Watson (he didn't: Clemson won 59-0).

Now McFarland has reversed field, proclaiming that Clemson's offense is "way more explosive" than Alabama's. Guess he thinks no one is fact-checking him. While "explosive" is a word up to interpretation, Alabama scored more points than Clemson this year.

Bama scored more than 47 points seven times. Clemson only four times.

Bama scored less than 30 points only once. Clemson three times.

Granted Alabama's defense did a lot of scoring themselves.

Perhaps McFarland has a personal vendetta against Clemson. Earlier this year he was personally offended by Dabo's comments on social injustice. 

While I comment McFarland for speaking out on social issues, there are other times he just needs to keep his mouth shut.

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