Friday, December 30, 2016

Liberty: Dawgs Edge Frogs

The first half was painful to watch. Eason is terrible - 110 of his 164 passing yards came on two plays: mostly yards after the catch by McKenzie and Michel. He got worse as the season wore on. What bothers me is how he presents himself: the long hair, the arms folded pose. Will he ever improve?  Jeff Schultz thinks so.

Offensive coordinator Jim Chaney blamed himself. Will he be replaced? REM's Mike Mills wasn't impressed either. Think what Paul Johnson could do with Chubb, Michel, McKenzie, Godwin, and the number one QB coming out of high school.

Chubb and Michel announce they aren't going pro, then UGA gives the ball to a different RB. Hope Chubb and Michel don't change their mind.
Not sure it was a good idea for the diminutive Isaiah McKenzie to turn pro. We shall see.

Nice fake field goal. Didn't realize until just now that regular holder Eason had been replaced by backup QB Ramsey. Had holder Ramsey pitched to the kicker, Rodrigo Blankenship would've run it into the end zone. In the first half Blankenship's tackle on a long kickoff return saved a touchdown.

When Rodrigo's 53 yard attempt wobbled left, the internet threw the popular kicker under the bus. Of course none of know exactly what happened. There was no replay. Could've been a bad hold or tipped at the line of scrimmage. After the play Coach Smart greeted Blankenship and patted him on the back. In the second half Rodrigo was perfect.

Bad tackling by UGA all day. Not a fan of either announcer. The color man made it his responsibility to point out every UGA penalty and incorrect defense alignment. The play by play woman kept repeating the same storylines: "Chubb and Michel are coming back next year" but failed to add analysis as the game wore on.

Young Thomas Gilbert's Facebook account was quiet Saturday. Not sure why.

Georgia Tech to wear white helmets and pants, and gold jerseys. Kentucky to wear blue helmets and jerseys, so it will be a color on color game.

Special thanks to for posting articles on all my talking points.

FSU's early domination of mighty Michigan in the Orange Bowl bodes well for underdog Clemson against heavily-favored Ohio State.

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