Friday, December 09, 2016

The Week That Was

Verne Lundquist called the following epic moments:
2013: Chris Davis’ last second 109 yard TD return of a missed field goal to beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl.  
2005: Tiger’s chip-in on 16 in Augusta
1994: Winter Olympic ice skating: Nancy Kerrigan vs Tonya Harding: besides the Super Bowl, the most watched sporting event in history.
1992: Christian Laettner’s turnaround jumper to beat Kentucky
1986: Jack Nicklaus’ Masters win
Worked late last Friday night, since Ceil was at a school dinner. The dinner was catered by Ippilitos, so I guess I missed that. I really should attend such gatherings to be around other people, but my excuse was that I was worn out from a rough week. Stopped by three stores on the way home. Passed on a pair of Ken Griffey Jr shoes, but bought a nice pair of black leather Nike Lunar spikeless wing tip golf shoes. Watched Last Man Standing. Sunday watched “Christmas Cookies” and The Santa Claus 2.
Saturday morning I drove Ceil down to IKEA. The nearby Anthropologie was giving away free scoops of Jeni's ice cream. In the Anthropologie parking lot we saw Ernie Garrison and his wife driving past, but they didn’t see us. Saw fans headed to the SEC Championship game, and smoke from the Buckhead apartment fire.
We were across the street from the Howell Mill Taqueria. I’m sure Ceil wouldn’t have minded going there. She didn’t know I had eaten two hot dogs at IKEA. Last time I’ll do that. Cheap hot dogs, and they’ve switched out Pepsi products for off brand colas – that taste terrible. We’d talked about going to Costco, where the hot dogs are huge and tasty, but I didn’t want to stay gone all day. M had orientation for his new job at Whole Foods.
Saturday afternoon I raked leaves. Worked for several hours and got a lot done. Worked past when it started sprinkling. Times like that are always a good time to think. Some like to wear headphones and listen to music or podcasts and that's ok, but it's not me. I'd rather think. Remembered the old Pat Terry song "I Can't Wait to See Jesus" and decided I wanted Matthew to play guitar and sing that song at my funeral. Sunday after church I told that to Reid, who I knew would remember that song. Reid can be in charge of music at my funeral, and speak if he would.
Watch Bama beat Florida and Clemson edge the Hokies. More tributes to Verne Lundquist. Gary Danielson was on top of Bama kicker Adam Griffith's struggles with the Georgia Dome surface. Griffith changed shoes three times in pregame warm-ups. I wondered if Bama would opt to play out west so they wouldn't have to play in the Georgia Dome again, just to mess with Bama fans. Great blimp shots of the new Mercedes Stadium adjacent to the smaller Georgia Dome.   
Clemson always have trouble with mobile dual-threat quarterbacks like Louisville's Lamar Jackson and the FSU freshman. That means they should be ok against Ohio State but have trouble against Alabama. Of course the entire country has already decreed that the Buckeyes will beat Clemson - especially Las Vegas and Joey Galloway. The ex-Buckeye receiver grouped OSU in with Bama for having more talent than any other team. Needed Lee Corso to butt in with a "not so fast" but Corso is himself another Ohio State fan. At least Herbstreit is smart enough to be impartial on camera and on social media: "what - Clemson's an underdog?"
Had a chat with Scott Condra Sunday at JFBC. He didn't go to the game but will probably attend the National Championship Game. Bryant is preaching on women in the lineage of Christ. After the 11:15 service ended we stopped by Publix. I was so hungry I went in and bought a box of cereal to snack on while Ceil shopped. Later we had chili. I did laundry and watched football.     
Long day at work on Monday. Work was going smooth, then the afternoon I was crushed: constant phone calls and things to do. Left at 6:50. Traffic bad on the way home. Leftover beef stew and salad. I crashed after that. Ceil cooked stir fry. Saw the end of Jeopardy and The Voice, and Last Man Standing.  M came home with a drum set. I’m sure the neighbors will be thrilled.
Left work a little after 6 pm Tuesday night and stopped by the library, Kroger, and Dollar Tree. All in one shopping center, so I parked in a central spot and walked to all three. Kroger was busy. This big blue Dodge pickup pulled out in front of another car and made a wide turn, taking up two lanes and almost hit me. I should’ve honked. It was like he was expecting me to stop. Ceil cooked baked chicken and steamed broccoli. Jeopardy, The Middle, The Voice, and the movie Fever Pitch. I did my usual laptop stuff and cleaned out emails. M had a doctor’s appointment and a youth group meeting.

The big news: Tuesday Anna organized her portfolio (above) and made the cut to continue in the Graphic Design School at UGA. She had to submit her portfolio. She wants to serve a summer internship in NYC.

M’s first day at work was Wednesday night. He works 8 hours both Saturday and Sunday. I was just thinking how with M’s new job he will have to work Dec 24. Not sure exactly what he will be doing, perhaps cashier at the Merchants Walk Whole Foods across the way from the Willys, Trader Joes, and California Pizza Kitchen at Pinestraw Plaza in East Cobb. He needs to work in the butcher shop.

Been working on my bowl picks. This week I’ve sold a pair of Levi’s, a North Face Jacket, and three bobbleheads. Gotta ship them all now.
Thursday night Ceil baked potatoes and had meatballs and salad. Watched the college football awards show on ESPN. Went to get gas with M.
For the past few weeks my blog has gotten lots of pages views. Readership has skyrocketed. Then I noticed most of the readers are from France and Russia. Perhaps it’s my keen political views, or they like my sports reporting. Or maybe they want to steal my identity. They certainly don’t know me well.
I’ve only recently become a student of Tina Fey, but she is great. Never watched her show with Alec Baldwin. Loved her on Comedians in Cars, and I read her book as well. Tina comes off like such a normal person, yet hilariously funny. You can tell just by looking at her. Hilarious that she does make-up and shampoo commercials. 

A month or two ago while Ceil had been waiting in line at Talbots, the salesperson there had her enter a drawing for a pink Schwinn bicycle. Ceil won. Will just texted us: Mary-Clayton is officially a member of the family: today she won an Xbox game console.
Co-worker Rodney attended the SEC Championship Game. Said that outside the SEC Championship Game last Saturday they came across a girl at the porta-potty who was crying like a baby, like she’s just lost her dog. Turned out she’s dropped her phone down inside the porta-potty. I’m sure she learned a lesson she would never forget.
Co-worker Darryl attended Friday night’s Hawks game and Sunday’s Falcons game. Darryl pays $30 a month for an app, where he can attend as many sporting events as he wants: Falcons, Braves, Hawks, GT and Georgia State football and basketball, Gladiators hockey, Kennesaw State, etc. Tickets are nosebleed, but it gets him in the door.

Out of nowhere 790’s Nick Cellini started following me on Instagram. Just this morning on my commute I was thinking how much I enjoy listening to him and his cohorts.
Today’s dream job: lighthouse keeper. Or a lookout tasked with watching the ocean all day. Comes from the book I’m currently listening to: Islands in the Stream, Hemingway’s work that wasn’t published until after he died.

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