Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Real Estate News

Article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle about churches selling their real estate. Rock Springs Presbyterian on Piedmont sold off a portion of their land. The Church of Christ Scientist at Peachtree and Stratford has their building up for sale. Wieuca considered selling their property, adjacent to Phipps Plaza. St Philip’s land is valued at $60 million (above), and Christ the King’s land is worth $10 million. No mention of SPdL, which might be a good thing. Leave it to the ABC for reporting the facts. The liberal AJC would’ve led with headlines asking why the churches aren’t paying capital gains taxes.
This is the time of year people at work love to say “Yep, after next Thursday I’m DONE FOR THE YEAR.” They don’t realize the majority of people are taking the same days off, and are also DONE FOR THE YEAR. Then these same people are the ones who call in when they’re off to see what’s going on. The few left at work have to cover for the many taking off. They don’t have time to chat. They’re so busy and say “I thought it was supposed to be slow!” Happens every year.
Like most Presidents, Trump leaves himself open to ridicule. I rarely post political stuff on social media, but yesterday I retweeted a good line from Conan O’Brien: “according to the25th Amendment, if the President is incapacitated, the Vice President becomes the executive producer of “The Apprentice.” All my Democratic friends liked the post. And Bruce, who apparently has a keen sense of humor.  
C was going shopping Friday night. I worked until almost six. Getting caught up on a bunch of stuff, and getting a little paperwork off my desk. Took the northern route home for the second straight Friday, and stopped by four thrift stores. M has been wanting to take up boxing, and I found a punching bag for him (and me) to use. Heated up some pizza rolls for dinner.
Saturday I cleaned a little upstairs, and took two eBay shipments to the post office. Came back home and worked on laundry, and cleaned the kitchen. C ran out to shop and get groceries. We watched the Heisman presentation and the Hallmark Channel.
Sunday JFBC had a baptism service. Lots of young teenagers and a couple of adults. They were running them on and off like an assembly line. Not as special or reverent as NPCC or PCC. PCC does them all together but makes each one a big deal. NPCC spreads it out, only baptizing two per service, to keep the sacrament out in the mind of the parishioners. NP has the built in baptismal. PCC brings in round tanks. Interestingly, JFBC built a baptismal font in their gym for the contemporary service. Sunday they also had a second casket-looking tub filled with water, to keep the production line moving faster.
Heather Swilley Taylor’s husband baptized their daughter. I noticed Bryant had his watch on for the first boy he baptized. After he dunked the boy you could see Bryant slipping off the watch and drying it off. One boy was baptized and came out of the water and shook his head, slinging water everywhere. Talk about your real estate. JFBC buys up adjacent properties as they come available.
Stopped by Trader Joes on the way home. I did more laundry, went out to get a haircut, and packaged another eBay item. Watched the Falcons beat the Rams, and later the Hallmark Channel. Listed more items on eBay. Ceil was baking cookies for school. Later she had to run out for more sugar. Taco salad for dinner.
Sunday night I was walking Barney around the front yard. He was sniffing around in the leaves. A neighbor was fast approaching, walking her black dog. Barney is the worst at figuring these things out. I just had him on the leash instead of the more controllable gentle leader. The lady said “what a pretty dog!” and I knew it – Barney went crazy. He bolted through the leaves and I had to grab him. Barney didn’t want any of that dog.
Monday I left work at six. Chicken quesadillas for supper. Jeopardy and The Voice and work on my laptop. Packaged two more eBay shipments.
Tuesday morning a fallen tree had my regular route blocked, so I had to backtrack. This meant I missed passing by the post office I had planned on stopping at. Had to go a different way to another post office near Norcross High, so my commute took much longer than planned.
Sitting at my desk as usual on Tuesday. All of a sudden I heard a crash, right behind me. Then the lights went out, and there was another crash. The rectangular plastic cover to a section of lights had fallen out. On its fall to the ground it hit the light switch and turned off the lights, because crashing to the ground and breaking into pieces. The piece of plastic doesn’t weight much, but could’ve cut someone had they been in the wrong place at the right time.
Lunch meeting Tuesday catered by Atlanta Bread Company. Tuesday night focus group sampling chicken sandwiches. Wednesday is the big Christmas luncheon at work, followed by the hot stove meeting up in Cumming.
I know some DJ’s here in Atlanta were trying to win the contest to host alongside Kelly Ripa. Lang would do a good job. I remember how good he did on the old VHS video we did at the Super Bowl Fan Fest back in the 90’s. He did his part professionally, and I went off script and twisted the video to say that the losing team actually won. I had to come up with what to say in line to match the video – all in my head since I didn’t have anything written down. A classic.
New Year’s Resolution: instead of talking, I’ll just go around honking a horn, like Harpo Marx.

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