Saturday, March 30, 2019

Jersey Time

While I was at SunTrust Park earlier this week I snapped a few jersey pictures. But first a look at the new navy road Braves jerseys, worn in today's loss at Philly. Sorry, I like the old navy on navy jerseys better.
Gotta like a kid in a Blooper jersey.
Anyone can wear a Freddie Freeman jersey.
 The visiting Reds were well represented on Monday.
 Saw a couple of new red jerseys on the park.
 Baker fans are everywhere.

Sold my Sid Slid triple bobblehead this week. Let it go pretty cheap.
Need to sell a few more. And some shoes as well.
After Bryce Harper wore Philly Phanatic shoes in Thursday's opener,
today the Phanatic wore Bryce Harper shoes. 

Seven foot six inches versus five foot two.

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