Friday, March 29, 2019


Not to toot our own horn like certain un-named Ryerson divisions (i.e. RCSSS, whoever that is), the Ryerson Textron Sales Team (RTST), a division of Ryerson that specializes in providing customized supply chains and a highly competitive level of support and lots of lunches and dinners and Nucor tours and run-on sentences for Textron, EZGo, TSV, Arctic Cat, Dixie Chopper, Bad Boy Buggies, Tug, Tracker, Stampede, Havoc, Ambush, and Jacobson - requiring huge volumes of carbon flat rolled sheet, Sherryl’s tubing, weldments, assemblies, spray paint, and duct tape, will continue to be able to assist Textron (like we always have, this is nothing really new) via its current sales office located within Ryerson’s Norcross, Georgia corporate office facility, adding to the existing RTST outside fabricators in Lavonia, Oxford, Anderson, Marietta, Huger, Alabaster, Conyers, Covington, Thomson, Mobile, Pineville, Marietta, and several other places that I’m forgetting right now. This present location, led by RTST Sales Wizards Rodney and Jonathan, will support Textron’s recent sales growth and assist in developing opportunities nationwide (i.e. International Falls Minnesota) as RTST remains focused on attaining new-to-Ryerson part numbers.
Helping drive RTST’s growth is a new twenty story KASTO system launched in collaboration with Ryerson’s Norcross Coil Processing facility and the three new tube lasers coming on line (RCSSS has nothing on us). These dramatically reduce 8 week lead times down to 2 days, and improves the customer plant tour experience while helping grow Ryerson’s transactional market share at local restaurants. Be sure to put on your PPE so no one else gets hurt. Visit our website to learn more about our record-setting sales team and download the latest e-commerce order entry, so our general manager will get off the backs of those poor transactional reps like Ben. TSV prices get updated quarterly through the most complicated spreadsheet you ever saw, with available inventory including thousands of TSV part numbers and dozens of district-controlled item codes that you better not steal any of because it’s ours - except for the slow-moving HSLA and Domex (I mean Strenex). Contact Angie or Rachel for inquiries. 
Finally, congratulations to our sales team, a subset of RTST that has been servicing Textron since 1960 (or earlier – no one really knows), for achieving another record month in March for tons sold, revenue, profit margin, and Chick-fil-A biscuits eaten. Visit RTST in October at our open house to learn more about KASTO and the dynamic team that supports this customer and has lots of toys and such on their desks.

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