Monday, July 22, 2019

Communion on the Moon

In the 50 years since the moon landing I never knew that Buzz Aldrin had taken communion on the moon. Right after the lunar module landed Aldrin read John 15:5, the first words read on the moon.

Just finished an excellent book: James Patterson’s Miracle on the 17th Green. A fifty year old copywriter finds his putting stroke, gets laid off, and signs up for Q School for the Senior Tour. The experience rekindles his family relationships as well as his own moribund life. Looking forward to the sequel books.
Friday I stopped by Taco Bell on the way home. I think that was Friday. Stopped by Kroger and saw Ceil’s friend Noelle, Reid’s husband. Also their son Andrew. Friday night late after the Braves I noticed the SEC Network was showing the 2009 national championship game: Florida vs Oklahoma, Tebow vs Heisman winner Sam Bradford. Having just read the Tim Tebow book, I watched the 4th quarter.
Saturday morning when I went downstairs I turned on the TV and it was still on the same channel. UGA was playing Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl. I watched that 4th quarter as well. Then Ole Miss Alabama came on. I changed the channel.  
Saturday morning I drove downtown to pick up Okie. W&MC spent a restful weekend in Serenbe, down 85 south near Palmetto. I had a PB&J before leaving. Stopped by two thrift stores. Picked up a Bobby Jones EZGo dress shirt and two cool Atlanta Hawks ties: one red reminiscent of the one Ted Turner used to wear, and one bright yellow – a.k.a. “bolt.”
Back home I turned on the British Open, started some laundry, cut the grass, blew the driveway, and transplanted some grass. Then watered the grass and plants. Had a grilled ham & cheese sandwich for lunch and a frozen pizza for supper. Watched some Braves and the Oliver Stone movie “W” about George W Bush. Didn’t seem to be as much of a hack job as I thought it might be. Shows how he grew from an alcoholic to a confident leader, who ended his staff meetings in prayer.
Sunday school, then Kroger. Learned Bryant Wright is moving out of his office at JFBC. He has an office down the street at his Right From the Heart headquarters. The new pastor’s last Sunday at Matthews FBC will be next week. Several listened to his announcement on line. Clay will preach at JFBC on August 4 then start for good before or after Labor Day. We spent half of the Sunday School lesson time talking about the transition, since it was our teacher Brian’s first Sunday back from a mission trip. Brian is on staff. He said Bryant would hang around showing Clay the ropes until late October or early November, then get out of the way.
Grilled ham & cheese sandwich for lunch. Did dishes and cleaned. W&MC came to pick up Okie. They showed me pictures of the house they’re trying to buy. Hardwood floors. Most of the work they’d have to do would be in the yard. The Atlanta Beltline runs right behind the house’s fenced in back yard, with an Beltline entrance where their driveway used to be. M came home from work in time to see W&MC.
Was watching the movie “Vice” about Dick Cheney. While it meant to be another hatchet job, leadership at the highest levels of government is often not pretty no matter what party you’re in.
Left for the Braves game. Not incredibly hot on the uphill walk to the ballpark. Since it was the weekend there were already lines at the Chop House Gate and Right Field Gates. I bought a ticket for Tuesday’s game at the box office, avoiding on line fees. Got in line at Miss Marion’s First Base Gate. Visited with her for a bit. Got my Designated Driver Coke Zero and some bumper stickers, then sat out in the bleachers to watch batting practice.

After BP there was still an hour before the game. Saw the line for the pregame parade around the field so I got in line. Allowed me time to edit photos and catch up on emails and social media. Always fun to go down under the stands and out on the field. Greeted Marcus Giles, Paul Byrd, and Mark Wohlers. Passed by Brian McCann warming up. Then out the big gate in centerfield. Went back to visit with Miss Marion, who had been busy when the gates had opened. She gave me a second Braves backpack. I also picked up a Walter Banks bobblehead.
Went upstairs to watch the game. Found a spot in the shade where a breeze was blowing. Later went down to the second level. Visited with Kelly Clark Lewis Vonfeld. Turns out she teaches with a friend of ours. Checked out the Team Store. Later I walked back to the car. Stopped for gas and a Vitamin Water. Got home after 9:30. Stayed up late posting pictures and tying to see the extra backpack.   
Downloaded a sleep app onto my iPhone and Apple Watch, to better track my sleep.      
There is a huge peach farm about 15 miles from Jefferson SC, on the way to Myrtle Beach. We used to stop there to get peaches and watermelons for the week at the beach. Used to used be a little peach stand that grew into an entire store that sold jams and jellies, all kinds of fruit, and pies. Then they added ice cream. Now there’s a second building with a full service restaurant. They also make cakes. Ceil just brought back a pie from the place that I guess I’ll have to eat this week.

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