Monday, April 13, 2020

Stormy Weather

Anna cut her hair. Missed some spots.
Last week when M picked up food it was from Taqueria Cheshire Bridge. He saw George but forgot to say anything to him. Now Taqueria is closed for two weeks. 
We were spared from the storms. I had considering moving M’s Jeep and my car closer to the house, but didn’t. Woke up at 2 am in the middle of the storm and went downstairs to see what Glenn Burns had to say. A strong tornado was passing through Thomaston, the Cathy family’s The Rock Ranch, and Forsyth, not to far north of my parent’s house. Another slightly weaker tornado was southwest of downtown Atlanta but headed over Mercedes Benz Stadium – not far from W&MC’s house. Instead it swung more east then north. Barney had been hunkering down in the kitchen. He wouldn’t get on the sofa with me, insead sitting at my feet. The storm passed my house and It was pretty calm, so I returned to bed.
Our fabricator in Anderson SC was without power today. Pretty windy this morning.
Slow weekend. Ceil made chili one night. Had our small group video call Saturday morning. Later I did laundry and watched old Masters rounds. Worked on a laptop project on Friday and Sunday, but really didn’t do too much all weekend. Around 6 pm Saturday we drove down to deliver Easter goodies to W&MC and Anna. Hung out there for an hour, then returned home. Watched Hallmark Channel.
Sunday we watched W&MC’s church service. Sermon was from Psalm 23. Also watched some of the North Point service, with Andy preaching on the crucifixion and resurrection. M and C cooked a special meal, and later I did the dishes. As usual, including this morning, whenever I get a phone call I step outside and talk while kicking sweetgum balls off the driveway.
This weekend I saw a rare photo of the calliope organ the Braves installed beyond the rightfield fence at old Atlanta Stadium in 1971.   
Never thought about having my mask on when the power goes out. Sometimes in the middle of the night it seems like my machine is blowing too hard, so I will reach over and turn it off, wait for a second, then turn it back on again so it will re-set. Sometimes (not much) I forget to hit the on button again and later I wake up and the machine isn’t blowing, and I just turn it back on again.
Deion Sanders says he was kidding about objecting to Todd Gurley wearing 21 for the Falcons. Maybe Gurley will have a HOF career and the Falcons will retire 21 for Gurley. The Braves have retired 21 (Spahn), the Hawks retired 21 (Dominique), UGA retired 21 (Frank Sinkwich), GT MBB retired 21 (Roger Kaiser). GT FB needs to retire 21 for Calvin Johnson. I supposed Central High School in Macon won’t be retiring 21 in my honor anytime soon.
After his hall of fame career on the Ohio State hardwood, John Havlichek spent the preseason playing flanke for the Cleveland Browns. In the end the coaching staff agreed: Hondo should play basketball.
Denison: Arthur C. Brooks, the former president of the American Enterprise Institute and now faculty member at Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School. A committed Christian, he is one of the most thoughtful interpreters of culture today. His keynote address at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast was just one example of his practical wisdom. His latest article in the Atlantic is no exception. Writing on happiness in a pandemic, he cites substantive research from a class he teaches on the subject at Harvard Business School. Brooks concludes that “substantive well-being” (a more academic description of “happiness”) is the product of genes, circumstances, and habits. Habits are made up of faith, family, friends, and work. And satisfaction is produced by wanting what we have more than having what we want, by being content with our present circumstances more than seeking constantly to achieve and own more.
Players who stole home twice in a game in the modern era.
Bill Barrett.........CHW...01-May-1924
Eddie Collins.....PHA....06-Sep-1913
Larry Doyle........NYG...18-Sep-1911
Joe Jackson......CLE....11-Aug-1912*
Ed Konetchy......STL.....30-Sep-1907
Sherry Magee....PHI.....20-Jul-1912
Vic Power..........CLE....14-Aug-1958**
Joe Tinker..........CHC...28-Jun-1910
Honus Wagner...PIT.....20-Jun-1901
Guy Zinn............NYY...15-Aug-1912*
*Also stole 2nd two times in same game.
**Two of the three SB he had in all of 1958. The other was a steal of 3rd for another team!

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