Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Top Five Braves Third Basemen

 Mark Bowman's top five Braves third basemen. Tough call: Eddie Mathews or Chipper Jones?
fWAR bWAR 140 OPS+seasons debut age
94.3 94.1   9             20 Eddie Mathews
84.6 85.3   9             23 Chipper Jones
1. Chipper 1993-2012 (#42 below) stands with Barry Bonds and Yaz as the only players in history with 400 HR 2700 hits 1600 RBI 1500 walks 150 SB.
2. Eddie Matthews 1952-1966 holds the franchise record for most games played at third base (2130). Jones ranks second (192). No other Brave has more than 710.
3. Bob Elliott 1947-1952 won NL MVP in 1947. Set franchise record with 131 walks in 1948. Jones ranks third with 126 in 1999. An all-star in three of his five seasons as a brave.
4. Terry Pendleton 1991-1994 won NL MVP in 1991, finished second in 1992.
5. Bob Horner 1978-1986 ranks third behind Aaron (15.9) and Mathews (16.3) with 16.6 at-bats per home run. 1978 rookie of the year. Hit four home runs in one game July 6, 1986.
HM: Darrell Evans hit 41 home runs in 1973, the most in franchise history at third base.
HM: Clete Boyer 1967-1971 led NL third-sackers in defensive fWAR.
Had forgotten that it was Ken Griffey Jr.'s idea to wear number 42 to honor Jackie Robinson every year.
Reflections of Hank Aaron and Walter Banks about Jackie Robinson.
The Titanic, Lincoln dying, Jackie Robinson's debut - lots of things happened on April 15, as Denison noted.

Not much to report. After sitting in my chair at the kitchen table working all day, by five my back is hurting. Monday and Tuesday I had things keeping me from cutting the grass after work. Maybe today.
Was cold all day yesterday. Had on my gloves with the fingertips cut out. More bundled up today.
Working from home means I can report on what C and M are up to as well. M worked Tuesday afternoon/evening and had the morning shift today. Ceil worked out in the yard and did some cleaning inside. Today she went to The Table on Delk ministry. Her friend leaves today on her move to Las Vegas. They're packing up the moving van today. Tonight she stops in Chattanooga.
Former SBC foreign missions director David Platt has his "Secret Church" next Friday April 24 - constant preaching from 7 pm - 1 am. If you like old style preaching this is for you. Register at Watch from home on your computer. If you do I can pick up the notebook for you. This year's topic is "God, Government, & the Gospel." I can tell you it will be very Bible-based, mostly scripture, and little of the preacher's own personal opinions. Platt used to pastor a church in Birmingham, and now pastors one in Alexandria VA.
Supper last night was Mexican. I made a ground beef and cheese quesadilla. Watched New Amsterdam and did my hip stretches. Sleep results:
Mon 6;58 total 4;29 quality 0:44 deep 63 heartrate
Tue 7;41 total 4:53 quality 1:16 deep 67 heartrate
Atlanta Magazine posted a brief look at the Falcons uniform history. It was brief. Left out the original jerseys with the falcon logo on the sleeves. Mentioned but did not picture the early-70's red uniforms. But did have a rare photo of the Falcons playing a preseason game (1968?) wearing not their logo sleeved jerseys, nor their later striped jerseys, but plain jerseys with TV numbers on the sleeves. The number font is different from the block font the team wore in the 60's.    
Another article, this one on the circumstances surrounding the first college junior to leave school early to jump to pro football. Herschel signed the most lucrative contract in pro football history.

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