Thursday, April 30, 2020

April Ends

Anna took her bike to Piedmont Park late Tuesday to safe distance with friends. Will played golf in Alpharetta. Ceil handed out lunches at The Table on Delk women's ministry. Matthew worked.
Tuesday was baked chicken, sour cream potatoes, broccoli, and tossed salad. Not much on TV so we watched a Hallmark Channel rerun: "Royal Matchmaker." We'd watched it before, then C watched it last week. I turned it on and sure enough she watched the whole thing again. I played on my laptop and did my Hinge Health exercises.

Sad times. Last April we sold over $3 million to my customer. This April we'll be lucky to break $750,000.00. One of our team members was furloughed yesterday, without pay. Today our company is asking for voluntary furloughs. Sounds like later today or tomorrow there will be more office folk getting furloughed. I could very well be one of them.
Wednesday I was sneezing all day. Miserable. Took some pills. Went to bed all bundled up. Slept okay and better today. Ceil wasn't feeling well either. Didn't really eat supper or watch TV. Forgot to put on my watch for the second night this week. Did have a good night of sleep Tuesday night: 7:27 total 6:25 quality 4:22 deep with a heart rate of 60.

Remembering the trade that sent Doyle Alexander to the Tigers in return for a Double A pitcher with a 4-10 record and 5.68 ERA. Braves general manager Bobby Cox made that trade. As GM Cox drafted Chipper Jones, Ryan Klesko, and Steve Avery. Was getting updates on that 1995 World Series game on TV last night. Didn't watch but saw it was on. Not sure if they are showing only the games the Braves won, or even the ones they lost.  Klesko hit three home runs in that series.
Not sure but it appears Barney's other hind leg is sore. Monday evening while I was on the phone I hooked up his leach and took him outside. Usually we put on his gentle leader leash around his nozzle but I only had one hand while I was on the phone. We went outside and he sat down on the driveway, something he never does. Later I got him to walk down the street. Our neighbor was pitching to his three young boys. Barney and I were in the middle of their "field" -  standing in the street in front of their house. Once a grounder came my way, and I was able to knock it back to the other son who was the fielder. Got Barney to head back to our driveway, where he laid down again. Called Ceil to come outside. She brought a piece of chicken to coax Barney back inside.
Usually during the day Barney just lays around, moving from the hallway (where he can look outside at passersby on the street), his bed, the couch in here near me, the tile floor in here by me, and the couch in the front room where he can also ook out the front. When Ceil is working at the dining room table he skips the front couch and instead hops onto the cushioned chair where he can keep an eye on her.
I've been signing up for birthday clubs. My other friend Reid is a pro at it. He sent me a list. At some you get a free meal for signing up. Need to stop by Zaxbys for a Zax Snax, Steak & Shake for a milkshake, and Andy's Custard for a treat. For lunch one day I need to go to Del Taco. Have to mail off a 1996 Olympic Softball cap that sold on eBay. As soon as I threw away all my extra boxes people started buying my stuff. Murphy's Law. 
While I am working on my laptop for some reason I receive pop up notifications whenever I get an email on my gmail account. Wish I knew how to turn them off.   
Remembering when Melanie Sheffield and I figured out we were related (her mom is related by marriage to my cousin), or when Anna found out she was "related" to her good friend Caroline Hargraeves (her cousin married Claire).
Last week I noticed the streetlight at the end of our driveway was out. Really darker than usual. Called it in and this morning they came and fixed it. Maybe the second time it's been out in the 20-something years we've lived here.

 JOEY VOTTO Canadian BLTR first baseman is the Cincinnati Reds' all-time on-base percentage leader - On-Base % = .421. He has thrice led the majors in on-base percentage and bases-on-balls, but only once did he do it in the same year. Led the majors in OBP in 2010, 2012 & 2017. Led in BB in 2013, 2015 & 2017. No less than three of his nicknames found their way into Call him "Votto-matic", "JoVo" or "Tokki 2". The first 2 seem straightforward enough, but the third is explained in this interview.
Last year Votto and the Reds wore a series of awesome throwbacks. When on deck he's been known to banter with nearby fans, including Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman. He also meets up with sick children, and gifts them with bats and jerseys.

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