Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Conspiracy of Hatred?

Falcons conspiracy theory – could it be that Blank was OK with Petrino leaving immediately, and Blank said what he did Monday (and yesterday) as cover? What else could he have said either day? The only hang-up was that Blank shouldn’t have been so media-assessable during this time. I’m not all that enamored with the players calling him a coward…they’re the ones who appear to not be giving it their all. Not that I’m a Petrino apologist. Interesting that Jerry Jones alerted Blank to the Arkansas interest. Blank could learn some media savvy from Schuerholz, though they’re in different roles.

They say Cowher will only take the job if he gets McKay’s personnel position is well. McFadden is a back worth taking. They need offensive linemen, but have to draft a QB to sell tickets. I hope they stay away from a Vick-type…luckily the Mizzou QB and Dennis Dixon aren’t coming out this year. I wouldn’t take Woodson or the Louisville guy. If it were me I’d take the Boston College guy.

Didn’t drink any Diet Cokes for three days, and in the afternoons and evenings I didn’t have any energy. Broke down this morning and stopped at Chick-fil-A for one because I had a free coupon.

Coaching – I always considered PJ Carlisimo a college coach, but he’s hung around the pros for a while…though mostly as an assistant. Paul Hewitt has often said he wants to coach the Knicks…you wonder if he wouldn’t do better in the pros. But is he a better recruiter than game coach?

Richmond just asked me to come train on our current computer system. Like us, they’re going on SAP in May.

My mortgage was sold to WaMu and it’s been ok…but I opened a checking and savings account and have had finance charge problems. Got them worked out, but it was a hassle. The branch on 120 near our house closed, but I had never used it because of the hours.

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