Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sports Bits

Mark Richt wins 80% of his games, and is in the top 5 or 6 of winningest active coaches, and still gets heat from UGA fans. Same thing in many other places. I heard Houston Nutt say that growing up Arkansas was his dream job, but then he said ten years was long enough to stay at one place. He could’ve been run out had he not quit, so a good move with McFadden leaving.

Think either of the two Josh’s will re-sign next year? The Hawks can match any offer, right? Smith continues to improve, but still has a ways to go maturity-wise. Still might be the best option to retain him. Childress is mature, but may want to return to California. I watched one game where they needed him to run the point, and he didn’t do that bad.

What quality coach would want to coach the Falcons? Perhaps a career NFL assistant, perhaps minority, who has been passed over for other jobs. Like Eugene Robinson, the interim. Can’t blame Petrino considering the hand he was dealt, and for realizing that the NFL wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. What do you tell your boss when he asks if you’re committed to you job? I see what you mean, that it could be best for the Falcons. I’m not that confident in Rich McKay these days. Pro sports personnel is tough these days…money, personality, character all factor in…not just can you play!

I was told today I don’t have to go to Little Rock for 9 straight weeks in Feb/March, which wouldn’t be greatly beneficial. Still a tiny chance I could go.

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