Sunday, December 09, 2007

Say "Merry Christmas"

More and more I notice people saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. I understand, but it still irks me. I’m going to have to tell my favorite clerk at Kroger where I stand on the issue.

Appeared to be right about Andruw. The AJC says they was a good chance he would’ve accepted arbitration, which would've been too expensive for the Braves, even with their bigger budget.

All day Monday through Friday I stare at my work email, so it’s more convenient. I sometimes give out my personal email in some situations, but actually right now my computer is messed up and I can’t send an email from that account. I can get busy and forget to check it for days at a time, but rarely do I get anything important on it. I have a third email that I use to enter contests with…so I get a lot of junk there.

Been working to correct one of the biggest screw-ups I have ever seen, though it wasn’t my fault. They just named my new boss, so the next few weeks are going to be interesting. Ever since my old direct boss moved to Florida in July 2006 there hasn’t been a hands-on boss on site until now. Our organizational structure is changing somewhat, and I have a meeting Monday morning with my current boss which may help define what my future duties will be.

The massive Chicago operation is being dismantled, and many in that corporate office are being let go. Things are much different here in Norcross, where jobs could be added. Still, a few people have been let go here in other departments. I have no idea what’s going to happen to me…I could get a promotion or be laid off. Should know more on Monday. People a chatting up a storm.

Will’s JV plays that team that blew them out tomorrow. Later in the day the Varsity plays an inexperienced team, so the coach is letting Will and other JV players suit up and play. Eventually we’ll get up our Christmas decorations. We’ll see about cards…at the very least I’ve started a Christmas letter that I’ll post here.

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