Saturday, December 15, 2007

How It Went

Finally spent a few rushed minutes with our Southeast Region Vice-President. I have been reporting to him since my more immediate supervisor moved to Florida. He had been reporting to the SE VP. Both he and I always find it a challenge to gain face time with the busy VP, since our profitable department had been not his greatest priority.

Next Monday the new GM reports, as my immediate boss. SE VP wants to involve the GM in any other decisions, which is understandable, and said we would address these issues together then. When I welcomed him last week I outlined my qualifications, and he seemed impressed. Now that I think about it, I think I’ll float them a couple of questions.

The “Life Well Spent” book we’ve been reading really dovetails with the way things have worked out for me. Though I’m not as purposeful as I should be with career matters, I believe God has taken good care of our family.

This morning Ceil asked how she should pray about the meeting. I had really been wrestling with all this stuff the last 24 hours, so I could have told Ceil any number of things running around in my head. My heart’s desire is for God to provide for our family through me, and in a way where I’m somewhat flexible time-wise, so I can be home and participate in watching our family grow.

The main thing he wanted to discuss with me today was next year’s SAP computer conversion. I had been tapped to spend NINE straight weeks in Little Rock learning and helping, followed by 9 weeks of long hours doing the same thing here…from February into June. Learning SAP inside-and-out would be beneficial in some ways, but it wouldn’t enhance my position with the company. The one SAP trainer based in Atlanta was just laid off.

From the way he approached it, it was evident he didn’t want me to go to Little Rock. He said what I’m currently doing is more important, particularly as our business increases these next few months. Travel can be fun in shorter doses, but Ceil would have a hard time, without a break for such an extended period. So this is good news!

I could wave my hands and demand more power, authority, money, and attention. It doesn’t seem like now is God’s time for that. Positions may open up that I’m qualified for, but they’d mean more hours without more money. They know my value from previous projects we’ve worked on…he’s more of a nuts and bolts guy like me, as opposed to a big talker. The new GM’s background is similar to mine, so hopefully we’ll work well together.

Like you guys, our family is not swimming with money. Matthew certainly needs a scholastic change…Veritas could be that answer to prayer. We need to review everything we do, as we’ll have many financial decisions to make for 2008…like getting Ceil’s teeth fixed. I’m confident God will provide.

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