Sunday, December 30, 2007


MyCokeRewards has been a nice diversion / most recent thing to do. I buy so few real Coke products, but I get caps from co-workers and friends. The program started about the time I won the year's supply of 2-liter Cokes, which I guess was my previous diversion.

Haven't really hit a home run with what I've cashed them in for, though.

1330 points...adidas microride running shoes for W...he wasn't that crazy about them, and they were a tad small for me. Since then he's come into several pairs of shoes, but he wears them occasionally.

364 points...Taylormade Golf and white. Nice, but these days caps look too small on my head!

1054 points...adidas watch...I needed a sports watch, and it's ok, though not exactly as pictured. W talked me into getting the 1054 point watch over a 2400 point adidas watch.

2050 points...adidas sunglasses. Nice shades, though just a little too cool for me. Again, not quite as pictured...they were more grey than black. Site said the points would expire on January 31, and there weren't many good rewards left, so I jumped. Picked the shades over a confusing gift certificate.

350 points...28 weeks of Sports Illustrated. A safe pick, extending my current subscription. Again, i was spending points before the deadline. Five minutes later I discover the program is extended until the end of 2008.

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