Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Underdog Was One

Friday night I almost forgot to go pick up Will at his Living Science school. Got there 15 minutes late, but people were still there. He played Joseph in a Christmas play the ballet troupe put on. I didn’t realize it was such a big production, with a live baby for Will to hold, and shepherds and wise men.

Saturday I cleaned out the garage and utility room, which was surely needed. Now I can park both cars inside. Will had baseball practice, but I didn’t stick around to watch. Took Anna and Matthew to see Underdog at the Picture Show…it had Jim Belushi, the Seinfeld mechanic “Pookie?”, and the midget from elf. ‘Martian Child’ is already at the Picture Show…Ceil wants to see it.

Ceil spent most of Sunday out running errands…I didn’t do much except for some housework.

The new GM says his 13-year old son is a Cubs fan, and they go to several games a year at Wrigley. Said his son wanted to go to a Bears games, but dad balked when he saw the ticket prices. Thought he could get some corporate tickets, but perhaps they’re scarce. Several more re-organization memos have come out, including a re-organization of the rest of the Atlanta operations…what had been two big operations is now under one GM.

On 680 this morning Mike & Mike were saying that had it been an informant from some other part of the country, the players named could’ve been completely different.

Hey! As we were leaving North Point yesterday, Will said I walked right past John Smoltz and his family. I never saw him.

Read the Clemens section of the report…how can he deny all that? Wild that it’s 490 pages…I won’t be printing it. Read some on Neagle and Justice. Probably a lot of guys who weren’t on the report…perhaps just as many? Lots were probably smart enough to get someone else to buy it for them.

Swamped at work. Saw a guy just now at a luncheon where I used to work, that grew up living next to the Eaton family…Chad, Howard, and Deidre. Have you gotten any updates on those guys lately? I think I had a dream this week that Arden Starnes was in!

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