Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Frantic Monday Computer "Repair"

Last Thursday afternoon I checked my personal email account, which I normally check once a day. Then Friday and Monday I was busy, and the weekend was a blur as well. Yesterday right at 5 pm I checked for messages again and saw an email that came just after I had checked it last Thursday.

Will wants to play varsity High school baseball next spring for Crown, the home school team that’s currently his rival in basketball. Christian, his baseball teammate this fall, the coach’s son and whiffleball buddy, played last year on the Crown baseball team. The email said they were having a batting practice yesterday at 6 pm!

I quickly left work and rushed home. I called Will at home and had him look up on the internet for directions to the batting cage. He called the Maioccos for a ride but just missed them. Will couldn’t find the directions, and when I got home just before six he had shut off the computer. When we tried to get back on the internet, it wouldn’t work. I hooked up my laptop and that wouldn’t get the internet either. The phone book wasn’t helping, and I was getting frantic.

Spent the rest of the evening trying to fix the computer, updating virus programs and spyware, deleting old programs. I eventually got it to work and was proud of myself, because that’s not my cup of tea. Then this morning I found out AT&T’s entire internet system had been down!

It is great that Clemson is in the Peach Bowl. Ceil’s brother said it would be better than the Gator. The Peach Bowl officials said in particular they were happy to get Clemson, even more so than Auburn. Clemson has been in 3 of the top 7 Peach Bowls, attendance-wise. Auburn will be tough…they started slow but beat Florida, and almost beat LSU. That was funny all the Clemson stuff Will had on his Christmas list…I got him a Tech shirt recently, but he hasn’t worn it much.

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