Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Deer Hunter

Anna may go hunting with a friend, who’d already bagged a deer before becoming a teenager. Friday night we took Anna up to a sleepover off Old Milton. Stopped by JoAnn Fabrics and Publix on the way home. Read my book while M and C watched TV, then I flipped over to see the end of the Iowa State upset of OK State. Down the stretch the Iowa State QB fumbled, then threw an interception. But in OT the OSU QB threw a INT, and the defense gave up.

Saturday am I had to go pick Anna up. Swung by a couple of thrift stores on the way. I let Anna drive home from the Stinky Kroger. First she mistook the wiper control for the gear shift, which was funny. Then it took her a bit to stop stomping on the brakes. Later I cleaned house, and folded laundry while switching back & forth from the Tech game to the Georgia game. C and M went downtown, then to the Dekalb Farmers Market.

Later I saw the end of the Oregon / USC game. Can’t understand why these top teams don’t have better kickers…the Oregon kicker hadn’t made a field goal longer than 40 yards all year, then flubbed the 37 yard attempt to tie the game. The announcers had talked about how great the OSU kicker was, then he barely missed his game-winning attempt. Georgia’s kicker seems to be out of his slump.

Sunday morning I took Anna to NP, and worshipped in the 9 am. Later I cleaned some more, and watched several movies: Eagle Eye, Groundhog Day, Fever Pitch, and the latest Transformers episode. Also Taylor Swift on 60 Minutes, and a JFK Assassination program. Thought about stopping by for a visit at the Whitakers, but then I didn’t go down to PCC. Ceil did, and didn’t turn off the car all the way…she had to get someone to jump her off.

Will didn’t get in until 11:30 Sunday. He thought Belhaven was too small. Supposedly the baseball workout on Friday went ok…the coach said he would probably make the team were he to try out. Don’t know if they talked scholarship. If Will was interested, I will email the coach his 2012 schedule, and give him the contact info for a few of Will’s past coaches. Will dislikes catching, but it’s probably his best position.

Here all four of the sales managers are out this week. My boss is paying my department for any unused vacation days, so I’ll try and not take any more time off.

There’s a decent chance Ceil may go to Paris next April, with her aunt and mother. Will may have another tournament in Florida in May. He went alone last year, but perhaps I’ll go this year. Hopefully we’ll all get to go to Destin next summer as well. I’ve been working on a budget, and hopefully Ceil will be able to follow it.

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