Monday, November 28, 2011

Top Four MLB Games

Sunday night the MLB Network was counting down the Top 20 Most Exciting Games of the past 50 years.

Number Four was Sid Bream's slide. Costas and Verducci watched and discussed the game with Bream, Lemke, and Van Slyke. Bream didn't say too much until then end, but was thankful the slide has opened doors to speak about God. Lemke and Van Slyke talked a lot. Andy said he motioned for Bonds to move in, but Bonds gave him the finger. As it turned out it wouldn’t have helped, since Cabrera hit the ball to Bond’s left.

Number Three was Bill Buckner's error. He's kept a low profile over the years, so I was surprised he was on the two-hour show. He made several comments as they reviewed the entire game, but seemed to grow quiet as the fateful moment approached. Seated next to him, Mookie discussed his at-bat, fouling off five pitches. Costas shared his viewpoint, waiting in the Boston locker room to interview the victors. When the Mets tied the game on a wild pitch, everyone cleared out of the Boston locker room. Buckner shared what happened, and what went through his mind. Walking off the field, he looked forward to playing in the upcoming Game Seven. Mookie shared how the play had brought him together with Buckner, and how both were strong in the Lord and family.

Number Two was the Morris/Smoltz scoreless Game Seven duel in 1991. Both pitchers had a lot to say. Costas and Morris kept talking about the great Series Lemke had.

Number One was Fisk's HR off the Pesky Pole. Bench and Fred Lynn were the guests, but I changed the channel.

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