Thursday, November 03, 2011

Halloween: Morph-Suits

Ceil took pictures at Will’s game Saturday, at Chipotle, and before trick-or-treating, but I haven’t seen them yet. We started our initial small group not long after we moved to East Cobb in 1994. Three other families had baby boys just after Matthew was born, and they’ve pretty much gone trick-or-treating together every year.

This year they wore purple “morph-suits”…those plastic “blue man group” like bodysuits you see at football games. They looked great. Drank cider through the suits. Supposedly its big enough to fit me, though you’ll never see me in it. I’m sure Will will be wearing it soon enough.

Monday evening we ate at Chipotle, because burritos were $2.00 if you wore a farm-related costume. Ceil and I were farmers, Will was a cow, and Matthew an eggplant. An older couple sat next to us, and they asked if we were going to Krispy Kreme to get a free doughnut (we weren’t). They went on to say they got deals 3-4 times a week, and started listed them off. I mentioned a few, but was still far from their level. I told them to get their baby grandchild enrolled in birthday clubs and kids clubs.

Paul, the last neighbor to have lived around us longer than us, closed on his house Monday. Nice, quiet, Christian guy, never married. Will eventually move back to Charleston to be near his aging mother. Gave us two rakes, a window unit air conditioner, and several other items.

No Gold Glove for FF or Francoeur. Is Votto that good of a fielder?

Busy day Tuesday. Plenty of customer stuff, and lots of other duties came up throughout the day. Worked til six, then had to stop by Kroger on the way home. Big announcement…our territory is expanding to include Tennessee.

Today is “Sportcoat Thursday” so I wore the red blazer Will lifted from Ceil’s father’s closet. It is a big hit. We have a lunch meeting (Jason’s Deli steak salad) then Mellow Mushroom for the after-work conference call. I had something come up, so it’s doubtful I’ll stick around.

Listen out on 680…Will is trying to become Chuck Oliver’s “student of the week” and I’m trying to win the trip to Braves fantasy camp.

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