Monday, November 07, 2011

Kicker Costs Bama Title Shot

Watched the whole Bama/LSU game. They only showed that best replay angle the one time…from that angle it looked like the Bama guy was down. You’d think Bama would have a better kicker. That guy’s form on his approach looked poor, giving him little momentum. Then he had to swing his leg harder for the long ones. Flipped over to keep up with the Arkansas/SC score.

Forgot what happened on Friday night. I think C and A went shopping, and I stayed home. Saturday everyone (but me) went down to Garden Hills School to serve at their Fall Festival. Passion had over one hundred volunteers there. For several hours Will operated the rock climbing wall by himself.

Stayed home and cleaned up, then got ready for Ceil’s birthday: cake from Publix, flowers from Whole Foods, and ice cream from Kroger. Also stopped by a computer store grand opening. Watched some of the Georgia game, and cleaned up pretty good. C and A went shopping again, and Will went to Rock Eagle.

Sunday I took C and M to Trader Joes, Publix, Dick Blick, and the instant teller. Ate TJ’s pizza and the brownees Anna had made, then went down to Passion City Church. While the kids were at youth we went over to Lenox. Roads were blocked every which way, traffic was heavy, and Lenox was packed. So different from the old days. PCC wasn’t packed, for some reason.

Everyone had homework when we finally got home, so after pancakes & bacon I read my book and went to bed.

There was an old episode of Seinfeld where Jerry went to a bakery. He HAD to get a marble rye. He was in line when an old lady ahead of him got the last one. He followed her, offering her huge sums of money for the rye. She refused, and eventually he snatched it from her, and took off running.

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