Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

It’s amazing the number of Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes that get sent. One year I took Will and a bunch of his classmates up to Lawrenceville to process boxes. Each box had to be inspected, taped shut, and put in a large shipping box (with other shoeboxes for the same age/same sex kid). I think last year North Point churches collected over ten thousand boxes.

Guy here at work has a 7 year-old son playing flag football. His team has another 7 year-old kid who kicks 20 yard regulation extra points…he is 3 out of 4 for the year. If they run in the PAT they get one point, but if they kick the point (no rush) they get two points. I told him Alabama might want that kicker.

Ceil (and Will) just got a new Cuisinart coffeemaker at Sears. When we got the kitchen appliances, Sears credited us enough “points” for a $30.00 credit off the coffeemaker. It matches the appliances, at least.

Louie’s preaching at PCC is good: worshipful and focused on God. To me, Andy’s preaching at NP is better: Biblical teaching with practical application. As much as the crowd responds and joins in the singing at NP, those attending PCC sing and participate much more. At some churches people stand for the singing and don’t even try to sing.

Went to the library Monday night. We ate roast beef and had Ceil’s birthday cake, and the kids played in the dark with glowsticks. Everyone had homework, so the TV wasn’t turned on.

Monday I finished both “The Appeal” and my Bill Curry book, so I started listening to Tom Clancy‘s “The Teeth of the Tiger.” Tuesday I’ll start on a Grisham book.

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