Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Student of the Semester

Will was named “Student of the Semester” for the Perimeter College Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering. At a reception Tuesday he was given a certificate and a clock. Good thing he got a haircut last Saturday. Thursday he leaves for Mississippi.

Matthew’s first basketball practice Monday night couldn’t have gone better. On the way I joked his coach might be a Marine drill sergeant…and he was. An older guy, seemed nice, who had the boys working the whole time, with little standing around. As they all worked, he would pull one aside for focused instruction. I’m sure the boys slept well that night. Unfortunately, the six boys didn’t look that talented. We got the huge aircraft carrier, but only one athletic ballhandler. Hopefully the two no-shows are players, or they’re in for a long season.

Tuesday nights are always big study nights at the house (which means no TV). We ate tacos/burritos/taco salad. I ran Ceil up to El Porton to get salsa. Later I read my Grisham book, which is getting good.

Wednesday my crowd had their Thanksgiving luncheon in Alpharetta, but then hustled to get everyone picked up. Lately it’s been uneventful for me, but all day today has been crazy. Not just one hiccup, but a whole series of them. Haven’t gotten much normal work done.

Found out my longtime boss is retiring at year end. I’m sure he’s ready, he probably got pushed a little bit. Sad. His boss is “leaving the company” at year end. At least Angie is staying, in a reduced role.

Found out Claire goes to the same vet that we used to take Speedle.

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