Wednesday, December 05, 2012

5 MPH Bumpers

My meeting was at 8 pm last night. Left work at 4:30 and went for my usual run. Then traffic was heavier than usual, bumper to bumper. I was stopped at a red light, about 4 cars back. It had been bumper to bumper for a while, so I thought there were a line of cars behind me. All of a sudden BAM! The car behind me smashed into me. I hopped out of my car, still sweaty in my shorts and T shirt. I must've glared at the guy behind me, but he whimpered "The lady behind me pushed me into you!" I saw no damage, and we all drove over to the nearby parking lot. I checked my car over, and still couldn't find any damage. The guy behind me had a 92 Camry, and his wasn't damaged either. The lady's Camaro convertible had a small scratch. Thank God for 5 MPH bumpers. Later I worried about my neck and back, but I think I'm ok.

Took Anna to art, then drove to the Cumberland Galleria. Westbound 285 traffic was bad, so from Sandy Springs I took Mt Vernon to Northside Drive, the right on Mount Paran to Northside Parkway. An old friend was at the meeting: Lisa, whose son Curtis played ball with Will for years. Didn't get home until almost ten. Then I helped Anna with her paper and talked to Will. He had been at a church Christmas party in Watkinsville. It had been his last day of classes, and finals are about to start up.

Working on a comparison of some of college football's top QB's. Will share when finished.

Fred O is a grandfather now. He often grows a beard in the winter.

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