Sunday, December 02, 2012


Mixed feelings about the Braves signing BJ Upton. No move this off-season is perfect…either too expensive (Bourn), or not as good a player. Fans want a slugger who hits home runs, but sluggers strike out a lot. I hear they could still get Span from the Twins. Hanson may be moved to free up salary space.

Teams like the Giants and Nationals and Phillies win by hitting singles, not home runs. Seems like the Braves hit better last year, perhaps thanks to the new hitting coaches. Some hitters are stubborn, like Francoeur and Uggla.

Still slammed, but hardly anything going on outside of work anyway. Co-worker still out, and tomorrow is month end. No time to do my regular job. Stacks of past due work is piled up. Hacks me off when people wonder if we can do without the extra person.

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