Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Eating Season

It’s the eating season here at work. Tuesday morning we had Goldberg’s bagels. Then for lunch we had sandwiches and salad from Panera Bread. Wednesday a vendor surprised us with sandwiches from Einstein Bagels. Next Tuesday we have our annual Christmas Luncheon.

Thursday our department is eating lunch at the Norcross Station Café. Located in the old train station in downtown Norcross, freight trains rumble past just a few feet from your table. Back in the good old days we would eat there all the time. I already know my order: chicken fingers, broccoli rice casserole, and apple & cranberry cobbler. Can’t wait.

Tuesday night Anna had art class, and Ceil had a meeting. Matthew and I had to go pick up Anna. Later I had to go get gas in the van. Saw some of both NBA games. Also the Cosby Show, which Matthew loves. Saturday night Matthew found out a longtime classmate is moving away, and Matthew was very sad.

Will’s last final was Wednesday. He comes home Thursday. He was asked to speak at Walton High School’s Young Life meeting Thursday, but I’m not sure he will be back in time.

Don’t tell Ceil where the Container Store moved. She loves it.

Ceil and I (and Anna and Matthew) have been sleeping later and later on Saturdays. We don’t need the dog to sleep in our room, because he is a heavy breather, and the tags on his collar jingle. At my age I have enough going on to wake me up at night, and don’t need any more distractions.

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