Friday, December 07, 2012

Nov / Dec Reading List

Inside the Revolution: How the followers of Jihad, Jefferson, and Jesus are Battling to Dominate the Middle East & Transform the World, by Joel C Rosenberg (2009). The second non-fiction book written by Rosenberg, describing the Islamic jihadists and those fighting against them militarily, politically, and spiritually. Interesting first-hand account of the Christian revival taking place in the Muslim world.  

Tales From the Georgia Tech Sidelines, by Kim King (2004). Unlike UGA, there are few books chronicling Tech’s amazing football history. Assisted by writer Jack Wilkinson, the late quarterback/radio announcer hits on many highlights, but fails to color in the facts with much detail. The short read left me wanting to write my own history of Tech football. Not sure alumni would line up to buy it, considering the poor attendance at Grant Field these days.  

Pursuit of Honor, by Vince Flynn. Part of the Mitch Rapp series.

Rome 1960: the Olympics That Changed the World, by David Maraniss. USA vs. Russia. Cassius Clay. Wilma Rudolph. Decathlete Rafer Johnson. The Tiger Belles from Tennessee State University, and their coach.

Angelina: an Unauthorized Autobiography, by Andrew Morton. Jole is taken to task by Morton, for repeating sins that she disdained in others…particularly her father, John Voight.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game, by Timothy Baker Shutt. Part of a series of “educational” lectures published as audiobooks. Shutt lectures from notes (or memory), weaving rambling, inconcise narratives that pale in comparison to any average edited book. Decent baseball history, presented in an almost unlistenable form. The professor gets an F for this effort.

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